Our podium rental offerings.

Wooden Podium Rentals

Wood podium

Great for any presentation, speaking engagement or press conference (only available as an accessory for A/V orders).

Acrylic Podium Rentals

Acrylic podium

Sleek, modern acrylic podium. Ideal for seminars or other public speaking events (only available as an accessory for A/V orders).

Tabletop Podium Rentals

Tabletop podium

 Add to a standard podium for additional height and a place for notes or a mic. Fits any table or flat surface (rented only with other equipment).

Podium Mic

Podium microphone

Attaches to our standard floor podium models and connects to any sound system.

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Helping a medical company with their largest product launch ever

A hearing aid manufacturer released a new product that interfaced with computers and launched a promotional marketing campaign across 150 locations in key markets. Meeting Tomorrow provided the laptops and event technology to make their event series consistent and successful in every location.

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Streamlining support for 1,200 dinner meetings

A medical communications company needed to increase success rates and decrease costs for their 1,200 annual dinner meetings. We helped them consolidate everything to one provider including on-site production, streaming, webcasting platform support and remote event logistics.

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Helping a retailer with internal meetings

A major consumer goods retailer regularly holds internal town hall meetings, broadcasts and live events to keep their employees updated on company priorities. They needed a reliable audiovisual company that could help them scale support to their event producers in key markets as needed.

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We do not provide rentals to individuals for personal use. We work exclusively with businesses, organizations, agencies and meeting planners that have multiple events annually.
We provide complete audio visual service throughout the entire country. Listed below are a number of our most prominent rental locations across the United States. Visit any of our local city pages for more information.