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Teleconferencing & Recording Services

When you need to speak with people from multiple locations, a simple conference call may do. Other times your communication needs require additional equipment and onsite support services: bridging in a live address from a PA system, managing Q&A for a large meeting, or recording your call for later broadcast or archival. Move beyond conference calling with our audio conferencing & recording services.

We carry state-of-the-art digital recording and sound equipment. This means whether you have a panel of speakers or an important speech from your CEO, the sound will be crisp and clear for your live audience and for those off-site, as well as on your recording.

Our support staff will be onsite to ensure every word is heard and captured. In addition, we’ll provide you with a full digital recording, ready for transmission over the phone, web or for storage.

For do-it-yourself teleconferencing, we offer equipment rentals such as PA systems, microphones, and digital recording devices.

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I had a lot of planning to do with putting together our event, so knowing that I did not have to worry about how our AV would be handled and that it was in good hands was a relief.
Brian Wachtel, Lupus Foundation of America

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