The time has finally arrived to add the new plant babes into our Montrose Metra Community Gardens plot!

We took the opportunity to take a break from work, enjoy the nice weather and arrange our plot for the year. We’ll be posting more pictures as everything grows and eventually we’ll bring the tomatoes, herbs and peas in for everyone here to share!

Have any suggestions for what we should include in our plot? Leave them in the comments below and we’ll take a look!

Meeting Tomorrow - MMCG Plot 2016

The Meeting Tomato team finishing up planting for the early season.


Meeting Tomorrow - MMCG Plot 2016

Making sure our soil is spread out evenly in the plot.


Meeting Tomorrow - MMCG Plot 2016

Kevin stands tall over a plot well-planted!


Want to get involved in the Chicago Community Gardeners Association or learn about getting your own plot? Visit this page and contact CCGA with any questions.