Here at Meeting Tomorrow, we’re always on the lookout for great event apps. Every day we’re customizing mobile devices and working to get our clients exactly what they need. There are a ton of apps out there and it isn’t always easy to know which ones will work best for the task at hand. Every event is different and oftentimes multiple apps are utilized for different portions of each event.

While it may not be possible to determine the perfect app for every single conference or trade show, there are definitely some that we consistently use and recommend. What follows are 5 apps we trust to get the job done right. Consider using them alone or in tandem to help your event run as smoothly as possible.

1. DropBox


DropBox is a great app for event planners and attendees alike to share files and collaborate on content. All you need is an internet connection and you can upload and access all of your photos, videos, documents, and other files from wherever you are on all of your devices.

Dropbox files can easily be shared and edited, and are always safely stored in your cloud so nothing is ever lost. Using DropBox saves inbox space and keeps everything neatly organized within folders that you designate. Music, videos, PDFs, guest lists, surveys, and countless other files can be easily stored, shared, and downloaded for use within other apps.

2. Check In Easy


Check In Easy makes event registration a total breeze. The app is free to download and you get 50 free check ins before any in-app purchases are necessary. First, you can upload your guest list via an XLS or CSV file and utilize the mapping tool to set the appropriate columns. Then, you can check in your guests either by searching their name or using the integrated scanner.

The app can be synced with multiple devices so you can have numerous people working several points of entry. After the event ends you can even download the guest list with the time and date that each attendee checked in.

3. Kiosk Pro


Kiosk Pro allows you to turn your iPad into a professional, secure kiosk station. Whether you’re using a tabletop stand or full size iPad kiosk, this app gives you the ability to set restricted domains and block access to other apps.

You can also set a custom navigation color scheme, hide address bars and menus, and control brightness and other settings. Power usage can be monitored remotely so you can make sure you always have enough charge. All of these features and more means that users will see the content you want them to see exactly the way you want them to see it.

Kiosk Pro is great for registrations, lead capture, surveys, and controlled web browsing.

4. Adobe Acrobat Reader


There is no easier app for viewing PDF files than Adobe Acrobat Reader. From maps to artwork to event brochures, everything can be clearly organized and labeled within the app for a clear, professional layout. You can interact with PDFs on your mobile device just like you would on a computer, print wirelessly, send documents via email, and bookmark important pages. You can even sign and annotate documents within the app.

If you’re looking to go green on your next event, Adobe Reader is also a great way to save on paper. Just upload all your event content into the app and rent out tablets pre-loaded with everything ready to go.

5. Square Register


Register is a free app by Square that lets you turn your mobile device into a point-of-sale system. The free Square card reader connects to the headphone jack of your phone or tablet and automatically syncs itself within the app so you can start accepting credit card payments.

You can create an inventory, send email receipts, and take orders offline. Customers are given an option to tip when providing their signature and the app provides a sales report for you to check your numbers after you’re done.

Another great mobile payment app that comes with a free reader is Paypal. This app provides an easy way for the user to send and receive money using their paypal account or directly to and from their bank account.

Register and Paypal simply take a small percentage of each transaction for their fee, which is great for those who don’t want to set up their own software or purchasing site. Both apps are a fine choice for those who need a quick and reliable mobile register.

Check out 5 more of our favorite mobile apps! And please share your favorite apps for event professionals in the comments!

While this list should help you get started with choosing the right apps for your event, there are too many good ones for us to list here. Give us a call at 1-877-633-8866 to discuss other options, and as always we’d love to talk to you about your customization ideas and needs.