At this point, smartphones have become an integral part of everyone’s daily life. We rely on them to keep in touch, make plans, stay organized, share pictures and videos, and even do our jobs. The last thing anyone wants is for their mobile device to run out of battery while out and about, let alone while they’re traveling or attending an event.

For this very reason, many trade show booths now provide mobile charging stations for their guests. They keep people on the trade show floor rather than continuously running back to their hotels or out to buy a new charger. In addition to providing a much-valued service, charging stations can benefit your booth and the overall success of your event in numerous ways.

Here are a few of our favorite examples:

1. Charging stations will increase foot traffic to your booth.

By advertising “free mobile charging station!” on a large monitor or banner, more people will stop off to charge their devices because you’re providing a service everyone needs.

2. Your guests will stay longer while using the charging station.

While charging their devices, guests have the opportunity to engage themselves with the other attractions of your booth, such as Touchscreens, Videos and Apps. This will help get your name and content in front of more attendees.

3. While at your charging station, guests will naturally mingle.

You’ll have a makeshift networking hub and an icebreaker for new acquaintances. You could even organize comfort lounge stations with chairs, refreshments, and videos providing a pleasant experience and ensuring guests have something to remember you by!

4. A charging station will provide you with a captive audience.

Present promotional videos on large displays, have speakers presenting nearby, or simply have someone bring around refreshments for people at the charging station. This provides an opportunity to engage people beyond a simple “hello” or “thank you.”

5. You can use the station itself as a billboard to build buzz for your brand.

Many kiosk charging stations have customizable options such as banners, touchscreens, and wrap around displays. You can add sponsor logos, hashtags, or QR codes to get your name in front of as many people as possible!
Mobile Charging Station Rental

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