Meeting Tomorrow is now offering Brightbox charging locker rentals for professional meetings and events nationwide! These brandable and ultra-secure mobile charging stations are the ideal solution for cell phone charging at trade shows, conferences and events.

How Brightbox Works:

mobile charging station rental for events

1. Customize your Brightbox

We’ll help you set up a custom background banner and digital display theme so your Brightbox perfectly fits into your event’s branding. Great for event sponsors!

Brightbox Phone Charging Locker Rental for Events

2. Your Card is Your Key

Event attendees can open a charging station chamber using their credit card (no charge applied) or specialty cards you can brand with your company logo.

mobile charging station rental for events

3. Pick up Your Phone, Fully Charged

Brightbox charging chambers stay closed and locked until the user returns and scans their same credit card. Lights on the chambers indicate when phones are fully charged.

Brightbox Phone Charging Locker Rental for Events

4. Interact with Event Guests

Mobile charging stations give you a great opportunity to get your brand in front of attendees, have meaningful conversations and distribute promotional material. Guests won’t need to leave the event space to charge up, so you’ll have even more time to interact!

Meeting Tomorrow provides cell phone charging station rental for conferences and events nationwide. Click the button below or call 1-877-633-8866 to get a free quote!

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