Here at Meeting Tomorrow, we do our best to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. We have numerous recycling bins in our main office and strongly encourage our employees to limit their waste.

This year there are some changes being made to Chicago’s recycling program that affect what can be recycled and the method in which it is done. Most notably, as of Jan. 1st, all recyclables must be placed in bins WITHOUT a bag. Another change is that all cartons (including milk, juice, broth, wine, ice cream, and soup cartons) are now recyclable.

To coincide with these changes, Recycle by City Chicago has launched a great new website to help educate everyone here in the windy city. They have a residential guide, tips & tricks and even a recycling quiz!

To make sure everyone at MT is buttoned up on these changes, we took the quiz today at our December 2015 staff meeting. We did pretty well but got caught up on recycling greasy/wet paper products and also cartons. You can view our results below.


Meeting Tomorrow’s Recycling Quiz Results:

Chicago Recycling Quiz


Think you know your recycling rules better than us? Take the quiz and let us know your score in the comments!

Take the quiz!