In our event app spotlight series, we take a close look at great mobile event apps that our clients have utilized for their events. We give an overview, go over special features and explain how our client used the app to help their event succeed. This time we’re focusing on CrowdCompass!

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CrowdCompass App Overview:

CrowdCompass is one of the world’s largest developers of event and conference apps. Their apps are native for both iOS and Android devices, which means users can access all the app contents offline once the app is downloaded on pretty much any device. That level of flexibility is huge for meeting planners and it extends into every aspect of the app’s platform.

CrowdCompass Trade Show Event App Review

An example of a CrowdCompass trade show app.

Getting started, they provide great looking app templates for conferences, meetings, trade shows, conventions, corporate events and educational gatherings. From there, you can customize the app’s background, color themes, headers and icons so it perfectly fits into your branding. Need to create apps for multiple events? No problem! You can create and manage multiple event apps that can be linked and accessed in the event directory.

Special Features:

CrowdCompass really nails all the main features of a great event app, including personalized schedules, interactive maps, speaker and exhibitor info, sponsors, attendee messaging, lead retrieval, live polling and much more. In addition, there are a number of truly unique features that make CrowdCompass stand out even more.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Beacons:  Place beacons in key areas of your event and send out notifications to attendees who are in range. Announce presentations, networking sessions or sponsored charging station locations.
  • Push Messages:  Send reminders, updates or survey links to attendees as a pop-up notification on their mobile devices. You can send out to all guests at once or target specific groups.
  • Smart Social Sharing:  Simultaneously share posts to the app’s activity feed and social networks outside the app. Make it easy for attendees by pre-populating the event hashtag in every post.
  • Scavenger Hunt Game:  This photo hunt feature makes it easy to gamify your event and create a fun, engaging atmosphere that is sure to promote guest networking.

MPI event planners talk about how they use CrowdCompass beacons.

CrowdCompass Event Story:

One of Meeting Tomorrow’s clients recently rented 400 iPads loaded with CrowdCompass for two user conferences they put on every September. In previous years they’d used binders and paper printouts for all the event information. They were looking for a greener option and wanted to provide a more tech-savvy experience for their attendees.

After we loaded CrowdCompass on every iPad, each attendee was able to have a device in hand with all the conference and presentation information pre-loaded into the app. The customization options in the app looked great and it was easier than ever for our client’s attendees to keep track of everything at the conference.

In Conclusion:

Overall, CrowdCompass is a highly flexible event app platform packed with features and custom options. If you plan multiple types of events, CrowdCompass is a one-stop-shop with its great looking trade show, conference and meeting app variants. In the same way, if you need an app for a number of similar events, keeping everything under the umbrella of one app company seems like a smart choice.

Our clients really like the branding options CrowdCompass offers, and the social media package is very impressive too. The whole app has a professional look and feel that seems totally custom and yet is straightforward and easily to personalize. We’ve had a great experience with CrowdCompass so far and look forward to using it on more of our clients’ events.

Have anything else to add from your experience using CrowdCompass? Leave us a message in the comments section!

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