Our event app series is a review and description of great mobile event apps that our clients have utilized for their events. We go over features, pricing and case studies to help meeting and event planners decide what mobile event app is right for them. This time we’re focusing on the Guidebook conference and event app.

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Guidebook App Overview:

Guidebook is a self-service event app platform where users can fill in their event details, speakers, materials & more using the intuitive built-in features and templates. This means you can really make your event as detailed as you want, from social sharing to sponsors to speakers and schedules. Simply enter in everything you need and ignore the rest.

guidebook app review

Guidebook easily lays out all features and gives you an overview of all changes. 

This approach is great for those who don’t need an incredibly detailed custom app. All the event necessities are here including ticketing, messaging and contact lists. Basic customization is available so you can match up your branding and upload pictures of speakers, sponsors & sessions.

Special Features & Pricing:

Like many mobile event apps, Guidebook has varying prices for varying levels of service. While there are a number of differences between the packages, here’s the basic rundown:

  • The Standard package with basic scheduling & social features is FREE for up to 200 downloads.
  • Upgrade to the Plus version ($1,750 / guide) for messaging, surveys, PDF uploads & support services.
  • The Premium package ($3,500 / guide) includes live polling, push notifications & sponsorship. 
  • Branded package is available with custom app platform, color schemes & icons (price varies per project).

*We pulled this info on (11/22/16). Check here for Guidebook’s official pricing.

Guidebook Event Story:

One of Meeting Tomorrow’s clients recently used 615 iPad rentals loaded with Guidebook Premium for a large legislative meeting in New Orleans. This particular client used to rely on printing a 150-page paper binder for each of their voting attendees. Instead, we helped them use Guidebook to load the literature as PDFs on each of their iPad rentals. Our technician helped hand out the iPads and then stayed onsite for technical support over the 9-day voting conference.

The Guidebook customization we completed for them included schedules, surveys, social media integration, messaging & documentation. The conference went off without a hitch and the combination of iPads with Guidebook worked out great compared to the previous paper methods. All in all, our client utilized Guidebook for over 50 meetings and events in 2016.

Though it isn’t the one we described above, here’s a fun Guidebook event example:

In Conclusion:

When it comes down to it, Guidebook is a feature-packed event app that impresses with its ease of use and straightforward approach. It’s less costly and time-consuming than building your own app with a developer and it works great for almost any size meeting or event. Though we haven’t used it yet, Guidebook’s Branded package might be a good option for those who want a more custom experience without having to design everything from scratch.

We’ve had a great experience with Guidebook so far and look forward to diving deeper as more of our clients decide to go with this event app solution. Check back with us next month when we highlight another great event app.

Have anything to add about your experience using Guidebook? Leave us a message in the comments below!

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