Our Video of Interest series includes videos related to the events industry we find inspirational, informative, or fun.

In her Jan. 2015 TEDx talk, Janaki Kumar, Head of Strategic Design Services America at SAP’s Design and Co-Innovation Center, explains how gamification has the potential to transform the modern workplace.

This is a great video with real examples (a rare thing) and a genuine enthusiasm for improving the workplace. Janaki pinpoints the elements we love about gaming in the challenge, connection, competition, and feedback it so easily provides.

She then explains how companies have applied these concepts to solve problems, engage employees, and motivate people to change their behavior through positive reinforcement. This idea of positive reinforcement is a common thread throughout her talk, and she uses examples like the Swedish good driving lottery and Fitbit to show its effect.

The video itself is fun and motivational, and the whole concept is refreshing. If you’re curious about gamifying your workplace, check it out!

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