12th Annual Pancake Day at Meeting Tomorrow!

Pancake Day has a long-standing history throughout the world, and here at Meeting Tomorrow, we do our best to celebrate everyone’s favorite breakfast cake. MT’s Pancake Day started in 2004 when Phil and Karyn decided to make flapjacks for the entire office. It was such a big hit that now they’re strapping on their aprons for the 12th time!

Since the beginning, MT’s pancakes come in four varieties:  Plain, Chocolate Chip, Banana & Combo.  There are a number of great toppings, including peanut butter, which is amazing if you haven’t tried it! Cakes are made to order, (2) per person, though there are usually a few extras after the dust settles.

The history of pancake day at meeting tomorrow

Karyn and Phil firing up the pancake griddle!

The history of pancake day at meeting tomorrow!

Banana & chocolate chip combo pancakes!

Some Fun Pancake Facts:

  • The first pancakes were potentially made more than 30,000 years ago. Evidence suggests that our prehistoric ancestors ground a flour of ferns and cattails, and could easily have baked it on warm, flat rocks.
  • The earliest written references to pancakes are from the 5th century BCE, from Greek poets Cratinus and Magnes, although the modern word “pancake” first appears in the 1400s CE.
  • JohnnyCake, a pancake made from corn instead of flour, was an early American staple. Europeans learned how to make it from the native Algonquians, and it is still a staple in parts of the northeast.
  • In lieu of Mardis Gras or Fat Tuesday, the Tuesday before Lent is recognized as “Pancake Day” in many of the British Commonwealth nations. Making and eating pancakes was a way to use up all leftover fats, since meat products are traditionally forbidden during Lent.
  • The idea that Kansas is “flat as a pancake” should be modified. In fact, Kansas seems to be more flat topographically than the average pancake!

What’s your favorite type of pancake or topping? Leave us a message in the comments section!

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