Whether it’s an intimate boardroom setting or a large auditorium at a conference, Meeting Tomorrow’s range of projection screen rental solutions cater to any size presentation and audience.

The following video contains tips for choosing the right projection screen for your meeting or event. Read on for additional information about our main types of screen rentals and how to order a custom size screen for your event.

Choosing a Projection Screen

Types of Projection Screens

Tripod Screens

Tripod screens are good for small meeting rooms and are limited to front projection only. They are available in 5′ and 8′ wide options and have an optional bottom skirt to cover the stand and make everything look professional. Tripod screens are very portable and can be easily set up in 2-3 minutes. They can also be shipped or delivered straight to you anywhere nationwide. If you have a small conference set up and you need something quick that you can set up yourself, tripod screens are the right choice.

Fastfold Screens

The second main type of screen is the fastfold screen. Fastfold screens can get much bigger, starting at 6′ x 8′ and going up to 15′ x 20′, which is very large. They are also available in widescreen format, 16:9 aspect ratio, which is perfect for HD projection. One of the most appealing aspects of fastfold screens is the option of a drape surround dress kit that covers the top, sides, and bottom. This drape package ensures that the screen looks clean and professional. Fastfold screens are available in a variety of sizes, are still portable but not as much so, and require an onsite technician to set up.

The fastfold screen is also capable of doing both front and rear projection. Rear projection allows you to keep all equipment (projectors, cables, and everything) behind the screen and out of the way of any presenters that might want to walk in front and point to the screen. This is a good bet if you have a presenter that has a lot of moments in their presentation where they need to point out specific details on the screen.

Large Truss Screens

If you’re looking for an even bigger screen or a custom size screen, we also have large truss screen rentals available in standard definition, HD, widescreen, and ultra-wide formats. Whether flown or stacked, we can provide any size screen you can imagine for both front and rear projection.


Need help choosing a projector, as well? Meeting Tomorrow has a video for that, too!

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