Video content is a great way to catch your audience’s attention in a short period of time. Short videos retain 53% of your audience to the very end. From product demos to testimonials, business related video content is one of the most effective tools at getting your message across.

This makes it a great tool for event promotion and engaging potential attendees through social media. Even if you don’t have much experience creating videos, your company can take advantage of this medium’s higher engagement rates.

Read on to discover simple ways to create new video content without breaking the bank on a big production crew.

video blog for events vlog

1. Use Existing Content

You don’t have to come up with completely new content to create a video for your upcoming event. Do you have videos or photos from last year? Use footage from previous events to give attendees a sneak peak of what they can expect from you this year. These clips will also serve to remind past guests of the great time they had, and will encourage them to attend again this year.

If you don’t have any video footage, you can use photos to create a collage to achieve a similar effect. Include event details like key features, keynote speakers, and other happenings through engaging narration and musical cues.

Why You Should Live Stream a Conference or Event

2. Live Stream Your Events

No matter how much advance notice you give your potential attendees, some of them won’t be able to make it come event day. That doesn’t mean they have to miss out! You can expand your audience by allowing them to view some aspects of your event from anywhere through a lives stream.

This format works great for those who want to hear from your keynote speakers, or attend specific learning sessions or hands on workshops. Recording this content also makes for great follow up content to send out to attendees once your event is over. Plus, come next year, you’ll already have content you can use for a recap or highlights video!

3. Create Vlogs

Event attendees want to see content they won’t be able to get anywhere else. Providing video interviews with speakers before the event takes place will give your audience a taste of what they can expect from you. This is a great way to create interest and bring people to your event who wouldn’t come otherwise.

Make sure to promote these videos through social media to expand the reach of your vlogs (video blogs). Post them to YouTube, and then share them on all of the networks your event uses. Sponsors and speakers are usually happy to share content that features them prominently, which will expand your social media influence even further.

Vlogs are also a great format for special announcements about upcoming guests and vital event details. You can also distribute these videos through email to make your attendees feel involved. These short promotions will work to create hype and excitement for your event.

video photo booth for events

4. Use a Photo/Video Booth

Social media booths are a great piece of event technology that naturally encourage attendees to promote your event. If you can incorporate humor or some crazy video booth like this (that’s me at INBOUND 2017), it’ll get a TON of social interaction. People want to see content that’s different from everything else in their feed, so including something a bit off the wall will help get their attention.

With an interesting background and environment, your audience will naturally want to record their presence at your event and share it with their followers. This is a great way to incorporate branding and hashtags without seeming too pushy. When your attendees mention where they are and what they are doing, others in their circle of influence will be encouraged to check out your event.

social media contest for event promotion

5. Host a Contest on Social Media

Hosting a social media contest through your social media booth is a great way to encourage attendees to market your event for you! You can offer prizes for the best, funniest, most creative, or most shared video with your event hashtag to encourage more sharing than you could accomplish on your own.

You can also feature contest submissions on a social media wall. People will see submissions from previous years and will be encourage to create some of their own. Social media walls are also a great place to feature interviews with attendees or event speakers.

Whatever you decide, just make sure your attendees know that entries are subject to being used in future promotional materials. There’s no limit to the kind of contest you can host, so go ahead and be creative!

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