A medical device company needed to train re-sellers and medical professionals across multiple markets on how to calibrate a new model of hearing aid for their customers and patients. Meeting Tomorrow provided customization and deployment of laptop rentals to 150 different locations. We created a program to re-format the computers in the field, saving time and shipping costs to external service hubs.

The Results

•   Over 1,500 customers & medical professionals educated on new products
•   Custom laptops deployed in 150 locations over the course of 3 months

•   Shipping costs cut by 50% with onsite laptop re-formatting

•   Successful run of their first ever nationwide product training

The Challenge

They had never done a nationwide product promotion like this before and needed consistent, reliable laptops and presentation equipment in 150 major markets. Their sales staff needed to spend time training attendees – not hooking up equipment. The whole process needed to be consistent in order to help improve the quality of people’s lives who are hearing impaired.

What did we do?

We provided 10 laptops and an on-site technician at each of the 150 event locations. The laptops were custom configured and tested to the medical company’s specifications. We created a program that allowed wiping of data in the field and re-installation of the company’s custom Windows operating system installation.

This removed concerns about shipping sensitive information and standardized all laptops to the same set of applications, settings and data. As an added benefit to re-formatting the computers in the field, they were able to cut shipping times and costs in half by not sending them to national distribution centers for servicing.

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