MPI Techcon Meeting Tomorrow

MPI TechCon

Ready to introduce a new technology at your next meeting or event? This session will aim to show you multiple solutions that are available to implement today, and help you find the right version of that technology on scales of affordability, ease of use, or perfected user experience….and in some cases, all three!

  • Visualizing and driving Social Media
    • Twitter boards, social media kiosks and social-media-linked photobooths
  • Event apps
    • From simple and free to deep and expensive, we’ll go through the most popular providers, and also show cheap or free DIY options.
  • Virtual meetings and events
    • From live streaming to virtual presentations, the top tactics and companies to find the right fit.
  • “Second screen” engagement
    • Review companies who offer interactive solutions to engage audiences either on a BYOD or provided device model. Enrich the experience, drive behavior and attention, track engagement and activity.
  • Tracking and metrics
    • Back end software and companies that can collect, link and even analyze all the data that is out there for you to collect.
  • Reliable wi-fi at events
    • Everyone needs the internet, all the time. Solutions for figuring out what you need, and making sure it works during your event.
  • WOW displays
    • Bringing in 4k, interactive, video mapping, curved, and very large displays into your event
  • Interactive signage
    • From banners to iPad kiosks to “siri-style” voice command interfaces
  • Charging stations
    • Different options to add this value to your event, and how to create leverage from the need to charge
  • iPads
    • Different ways of using iPads at your next event

The objective is not simply to introduce new ideas for meetings and events, but to show that they are possible.  At this session, we will remove the “what’s my next step” barrier.