Project Description

A single source solution for promoting single malt scotch.


A boutique experiential agency creates engaging marketing for big name clients. The agency specializes in crafting brand experiences that people want to talk about. To pull off huge national promotions as a lean team of fifteen individuals means you need to be creative, resourceful and efficient. When tasked with creating memorable events for a major premium whiskey brand the agency decided they needed scalable solutions they could rely on all over the country.

Their results

  • Thousands of whiskey lovers educated on their client’s brand
  • 100 successful events (and counting)

What they needed

The agency had all the ideas and needed a high-impact, flexible solution to make them happen. Their last event series used a bulky fifteen foot screen that took up too much space – they needed something that fit better into their event. The events were happening in raw art spaces that didn’t have utilities so they needed someone to help run power to their locations. They also needed on-site support to handle all the technical concerns throughout their series before, during and after their events.

What we delivered

We provided full consultation to match the right equipment with the marketing agency’s design plans. We selected two-by-two seamless video walls for their combination of portability and wow factor. We also hung plasma monitors on the walls in custom made picture frames. This helped the audiovisual blend into the background so the focus was on the brand – not the equipment.

We contracted local electricians to run power to the raw art spaces at every location and custom ordered exit signs to bring the venues up to city safety codes. Our local technicians were able to run power cables to the new outlets to perfectly fit the design layout.

One of our technical directors became such a part of the success of the events that it was only natural for him to travel to all their event locations during their series. He coordinated with local lead technicians in each market to keep the events consistent and efficient.