Meeting Tomorrow recently added to our inventory 2 THOUSAND business-class laptop rentals, specifically available for local, state and national campaigns. We have experience helping working with government agencies and are quick to respond and help our clients meet all their deadlines. We can also supply copiers and printers for offices and temporary work spaces.

Services we offer for election campaign rentals:


We can load election software & configure security settings for any number of laptop rentals.

We’ll work with your IT team to ensure the custom image precisely meets your requirements.


All of our laptop rentals are guaranteed to be wiped clean using a software utility in accordance with U.S. Department of Defense standards (DoD 5220.22M).

We’ll send you a deletion report & certificate detailing the complete data removal of all units.

24/7 Support

Our Event Support team monitors all shipments, returns & data removal for every rental laptop.

Our clients have access to our 24/7 technical support line in case any issues come up.


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Meeting Tomorrow specializes in bulk laptop rentals for professional meetings & events around the country. Call 1-877-633-8866 to speak to one of our friendly sales reps today!