No one likes a boring corporate meeting! Fortunately, as advancements in presentations have been made swiftly in the last decade, today a meeting planner in virtually any industry can use new technology to impress their audience and convey information in a more provocative way.

As an incubator for innovative, out-of-the-box ideas, TED Talks are a fantastic source of inspiration for technological advancements. With experts, industry leaders and inventors from all walks of life leading brief lectures, viewers can learn current advances in technology that will have a direct impact in their field.

We researched recent TED Talks on event technology and put together a list of our favorites. If carried out with the right lead tech and planner in the driver’s seat, these concepts could energize your staff, impress execs and board members, and curry favor with shareholders.

Here are five TED Talks featuring the latest innovations in robotics, artificial intelligence and 3D printing that could take your events to a new level:

1. The Incredible Inventions of Intuitive AI
by Maurice Conti

Maurice Conti discusses how generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) could conceptualize massive structures like bridges and airplanes. Intuitive AI would not just follow a set algorithm, but come up with innovative new solutions and most importantly, continue to build without human intervention.

AI can construct on its own using robotics and collaborate with humans to manage a project and create complex new visions. Imagine a marketing product or venue layout that could be enhanced with AI, like a custom designed drone or sophisticated prototype.

2. The Flying Camera… on a Leash
by Sergei Lupashin

The Fotokite is a lightweight camera on a leash, affixed to a quadcopter that can hover and follow its handler. This easily maneuverable aerial camera, which doesn’t require special regulations, can add another dimension and fresh perspective to meetings and events.

Perhaps the Fotokite can capture footage of attendees at a conference or expo, or explore the intricacies of a large structure that the audience can’t see. Alternatively, the Fotokite could get an extreme close up of the onstage happenings during a large-venue performance or concert.

The Fotokite is especially cool for trade shows, press conferences and outdoor events to give the viewer the feeling they are sitting front and center, but still moving around grasping the entire scene.

3. What’s Next in 3D Printing
by Avi Reichental

3D printing is evolving to ‘localized distributed manufacturing’ based on digital fabrication. With 3D printing advancements, prosthetic limbs are customized to the exact digital measurement of the user. A tailored ventilated scoliosis brace and dental restorations are just a few examples.

In the near future, complex mechanical components in medicine, food production, and the manufacturing of everything from full body limbs to automobiles to spaceships could be made using 3D printing.

For your next meeting, consider chartering a large 3D printed marketing apparatus or prototype. Or consider using 3D printing to allow meeting attendees to bring their own unique renderings to life.

4. Future Tech Will Give You the Benefits of City Life Anywhere
by Julio Gil

With the advent of virtual reality and drones, and a recent boom in e-commerce, Julio believes that people can enjoy the perks of city living, even after migrating to the countryside.

Technology has finally provided a long-term alternative to the 9-5 corporate environment, as urban populations swell and more people desire telecommuting. Virtual staff meetings can generate deep savings on operating costs per employee, and drones can deliver products directly to households using trucks similar to UPS.

Advantages to living outside of dense cities include lower crime rate, more living space, less traffic, and lower cost of living. Virtual reality and telecommuting may already be a part of your progressive work environment, but if not, consider a virtual team meeting or outing. Or for your next conference, impress patrons with a virtual excursion or a virtual special guest.

5. The Astounding Athletic Power of Quadcopters
by Raffaello D’Andrea

The nifty quadcopter uses algorithms to fly, hover, dip, change speed and carry objects. It can balance things on it own and be maneuvered with the use of a pointer. The quadcopter can still fly without its four wings, and it reads hand gestures and even imitates the driver’s hand movements.

It should come as no surprise the quadcopter offers endless possibilities for presentations, trade shows or conferences. Consider using the quadcopter to carry a tool or piece of equipment across a large space, or perform stunts and play cool games as D’Andrea demonstrates.

Bonus Video:  The Emergence of 4D Printing
by Skylar Tibbits

4D Printing involves programmable materials that build themselves – or self-assemble, and adapt to changes in environment and human interactions. Though this technology is still in its discovery phase, soon 4D printing will be able to construct large installations, tools, machinery, and infrastructure that can adapt, transform, and even thrive in extreme environments with no human interaction.

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