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Wholesale & Refurbished iPads in large quantities

We have 100’s of used iPads for sale — we’re a rental company and are selling off extra inventory at discounted prices.

Below you will find our current models, quantities, and pricing for bulk iPad sales.

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Business leases for weekly and monthly iPad rentals also available.

iPad rentals

iPad Air Gen 1 (WiFi only)

16GB Storage
iOS 11
Qty. Available – 456

Price – $200

(no discounts)

iPad rentals

iPad Air Gen 1 (4G-capable)

16GB Storage
iOS 11
Qty. Available – 345

Price – $220

(no discounts)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to buying bulk iPads

Do you offer a warranty?
Yes! Our bulk iPads have a 12 month exchange warranty. If you have an issue, we’ll send you an overnight exchange unit.

How much is shipping?
We offer FREE ground shipping within the continental United States. For different delivery service, please discuss with a Meeting Tomorrow account representative.

What’s the minimum order size?
The minimum order size for purchasing iPads in bulk is (10) units.

What comes with the iPads?
Each iPad includes a charging wall adapter & USB cable, and a protective cover.

Can the iPads be shipped out immediately?
Yes! Our inventory is ready to ship, and we can process orders same-day.

What OS / apps / files are on the iPads?
All iPads are reset to factory default settings and shipped with the latest iOS version.

How much is tax?
Tax is not included in the pricing and varies depending on the shipping destination.

What condition are the iPads in?
Our iPads are in good used condition. They are fully functional with minor cosmetic wear and tear.

Why are you selling large quantities of iPads?
We have been renting iPads nationwide since they were launched in 2010. While upgrading our stock, we naturally have older model iPads that we’d like to sell and remove from our inventory.

Where are you located?
We’re located in Chicago but we do business nationwide. Bulk iPad sales are available with delivery throughout the country.

Are refurbished iPads any good?
Yes! Refurbished iPads provide a great value compared to buying new. Buying iPads in bulk gets you quality units at a lower price. Most of our iPads are not refurbished, they are used and in good cosmetic and functional condition.

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