Keeping the worldwide Multiple Sclerosis community connected.


A leader in biopharmaceuticals holds educational webcasts to improve the lives of people living with MS. After several events with glitchy audio and video feed, they started looking to do a trial run with a new provider to help improve their webcasting experience.

Their results

  • 50 successful live events with remote locations supported throughout the country.
  • Tens of thousands of MS sufferers educated on medical breakthroughs that help improve the quality of their lives.

What they needed

They needed the whole package: live event audiovisual equipment and support, on-site video and audio production crews, encoding and streaming solutions, a webcast platform and support at their remote locations across the country. But most importantly they wanted a provider they could trust that would communicate with them in real-time.

What we delivered

We provided equipment and technician services for the live event production. We ensured their remote locations could handle web streaming by testing internet speeds well before the event date. If a venue failed the internet test we notified the client and provided alternative options.

We offered online demos of the webcast platform to the client to make sure it fulfilled all their event requirements. On the day of the event we performed rehearsals of the webcast to ensure microphones worked properly.

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