Case Studies: Custom Solutions

How to be in 683 locations at once.

A major clothing retailer needed to build buzz around the launch of their new denim line and hired a fresh marketing agency to reinvent their brand as the leader of fashionable jeans. We provided full-service audiovisual service and support including sourcing, shipping and event management logistics.

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Educating small business owners everywhere in the United States.

An experiential marketing agency promotes an internet technology giant’s series of events to help bring small businesses up-to-date with internet standards. They need a flexible, consistent solution to support their traveling series of events in multiple cities over the course of several years.

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A single source solution for promoting single malt scotch.

An experiential marketing agency designed highly-targeted single malt scotch tastings for a major premium liquor brand. Our technical consultants helped them get all the special equipment they needed and our traveling technicians helped them create unforgettable consistent event productions all across the US.

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