Public Key Cryptography Resource List

Public Key Encryption is one of the most prevailing forms of Internet security. There are ways to utilize this encryption for everything from FTP file transfers, to SSH terminal access, to email. That said there do exist vulnerabilities especially in systems where the key is translated in small pieces regularly, like Wi-Fi.

Internet Security Issues

Private Key Eavesdropping: HTTP 1.1 & SSL

Man in the Middle: Wireless Network Vulnerabilities

Encryption and Decryption 

Private Key Encryption: An Introduction

RSA Security: A Demonstration

Digital Signatures 

Obtaining Digital Signatures: An Overview of Public Key Cryptosystems

The Exact Security of Digital Signatures: RSA & Rabin

Certificates and Authentication

Certificate Authentication: Using LDAP to Authenticate Digital Certificates

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol: A Method of Certificate Authentication

Electronic Information Security: Securing IT Information with Digital Certificates

Managing Certificates

What is a Keychain: Managing Certificates in OS X

Administration & Certificate Management: Using Certificates in Oracle

New Horizons: Dealing with Digital Certificates