Free Online Computer and Internet Books

Whether you are a computer guru or you are a novice in the programming world, this is a collection of useful websites to help educate you in the world of programming.

Computer Programming

  • Intro to Computer Programming – A PDF document that walks a beginning through the need-to-know basics of computer programming.

  • Programming Tips – An archive of articles written for the purpose of helping people learn C and C++ programming.

How to Design Programs

  • Computer Design Programs – This website houses a huge collection of design programs, divided into categories by specific software.

Difficult Programs

  • USENIX – The advance computer systems association. This organization has all of the information you need to know on new programs, software, and even conferences.

  • Over 40 Programming Languages – Ranging from intermediate to difficult, this website walks you through the history and basics of over 40 programming languages.

Easy to Use Programs


  • – The website for all UNIX programs and information.

  • UNIX tutorials – Online information for beginner UNIX and Linux programs

  • UNIX gurus – A website for UNIX users, both beginners and advanced. This website offers support, tutorials, and software.

Internet Security

  • Combating SPAM and Spyware – An online lesson plan that teaches you to be aware of and battle the mal-ware on the Internet.

  • Computer Rental – Avoid the risks of using unsecured Internet by renting a computer for short-term business or personal use.

  • Startup Application List – This is a list of startup applications to help you rid your computer of viruses and other Trojans and Worms. This is for the more advance computer user.

  • Wireless Security – How to secure your computer and laptop when using a wireless Internet connection.

  • Spyware Guide – Learn about the different types of harmful spyware.