Increasing Office Productivity

Becoming a faster and more accurate typist is an excellent way to be more efficient in the office. For some reason, it’s also one of the most often overlooked. Because typing is usually one of the biggest parts of office work, it only makes sense to improve this skill when looking for places to increase productivity. This requires only a small investment of time and energy in comparison to what it can save in the long run.

There’s no reason to continue “hunting and pecking” when so many free resources are available to help people learn how to type properly.

The main problem with the hunt and peck method is that it requires conscious thought as well as looking at the computer keyboard. With a little practice, fingers can be trained to move across the keys without having to intentionally think about where they’re going. Skilled typists can also read, talk, and perform other simple tasks while typing. For people who already place their fingers on the keyboard correctly, free web resources can help improve speed and accuracy dramatically. Many websites even offer games that make the process a little entertaining.

It’s often said that speed should come before accuracy when learning how to type correctly. In the beginning, focus on getting faster rather than having 100 percent accuracy. A good speed to shoot for is forty to fifty words per minute. Free online typing tests can help determine your starting level. After that, begin to work more on finding the correct keys each time and reducing errors. Additional practice will continue increasing office productivity and speed until a plateau is reached.

Dozens of books and thousands of popular websites are written on the topic of how to be more efficient in the office. This is a very hot topic, and experts have come up with some pretty elaborate systems to help people save time. The problem is that setting up the systems can take so much time and energy that most people never get around to it. When looking for ways to be more productive, it’s best to start with simple things and go from there. Typing is one of the most basic tasks involved in office work, which makes it an ideal skill to work on.

Typing Tests

  • Mr. Kent’s Typing Test: Choose whether to include numbers or just text
  • Speed Test: Start and stop the clock on your own
  • PowerTyping: Test A variety of tests to choose from

Games and Lessons

  • Fun Online Typing Games: Check out Keyman, a version of Pac-Man
  • Dance Mat: Typing Geared toward kids
  • Peter’s Online Typing Course: Lessons, exercises, ergonomics, and more
  • Typing Games 2 Help U: Links to a variety of games
  • 30+ Free Games: Plus lessons, tests, and more
  • Free Online Typing Course: Twenty-seven step-by-step lessons
  • Typing Lessons and Games: For regular keyboard, Dvorak, and the numeric keypad