Macintosh Free Software Archive

Here’s a list, sorted by category, of some examples of freeware programs for Macintosh computers.


Xee is a small-yet-powerful image viewer with a sleek interface and low memory usage.

XnView enables viewing and converting and can be used for slideshow viewing. The utility supports over 400 graphic formats and can create 52 formats.

GIMP is a free and very powerful image editor built on the X11 environment, which is a special interface to use Microsoft-style window functionality. GIMP is flexible and very useful but its features require some time and focus to learn.

Scribus is an open-source editor for images and page layouts. It also has CMYK abilities.

JAlbum allows a user to create image and photo galleries as well as video files, and it can create HTML pages to publish photos.

Google SketchUp is a powerful 3D design tool that is easy to learn and use.

FotoFlexer features photo effects, shapes, seam carving and other abilities.

Front End Digital Media WorkShop allows a user to cut, copy, edit, and blend video, photo, image, and sound files.


Audacity is a free sound editor and offers a load of features and functions.

— Edit WAV or MP3 files with Audioblast and blend new recordings with existing ones.

Audion is a simple and small-resource audio player for Mac computers.

Audio In is a simple and sleek audio recording program that allows Volume Operated Recording.


SEEdit Maxi II2009.5 is an (X)HTML, CSS, and RSS editor, as well as handling JavaScript function.

Stunnix C++Obfuscator 3.2 allows users to compress C++ or C source code and extracts symbols for any API.

ScriptLight 2.0 allows for the search and management of AppleScript files.

ModelBaker 1.0.6 allows users to create iPod, iTouch and web applications with no programming required.

Torque Game Engine is a 3D graphics engine for game development on Windows, Mac, XBox 360, and even browsers.

Wabit 0.9.6 is a simple and easy to use business reporting tool.

oXygen XML Editor allows visual editing of XML files as well as a redesigned XML Schema Diagram.


ClamXav is a free virus checker for Mac OS X that uses the ClamAV virus engine.

Agax is an expandable antivirus program for Mac users using OS 9, OS 8, or OS 7.

The Exorcist will protect a Mac from the “666” and “SevenDust” viruses.

AntiGax 1.3 keeps a Mac safe from Trojans in graphics accelerators.

WormFood 1.5 removes the Autostart 9805 worm.