Resources for Computer Teachers

Providing children the necessary building blocks throughout their education will enhance their opportunities later in life to pursue a career that they are enthusiastic about by stimulating their minds. Listed below are resources to better help stimulates children’s minds through new and innovative ways.

Art Education

Art Encounters: Provides stimulating projects and activities for children that parents or teachers can use at home or in the classroom.

The Getty: Educational resources from the museum.

Crayola: Lesson plans for any age group.

KinderArt: Articles, lesson plans, ideas, activities and icebreakers for children of all ages.

Audio visual equipment rental: Supplemental equipment for classroom use.

The Art Institute of Chicago: Resources to encourage imagination and creativity.

K-12 Art Resources for Teachers: An array of teacher resources for field trips, classroom ideas and more.

Language Arts Education

Kaboose for Kids: Crafts, activities, clip art and coloring.

Resources for Children’s Writers: Information and guidance for aspiring children’s book authors.

Lesson Plans: For language arts students in many age groups.

Literature for Parents and Children: Guidance on literature for appropriate age groups.

Math Education

Computer Math Resources: Computer resources and software for teaching math.

Discovery Education: Kathy Schrock’s guide for education.

Columbia Education Center: A breakdown of lesson plans in music education, math, science, social studies and more.

Forum for Math Teachers: Learning ideas and support for math teachers.

Learning Math: For students who need help with specific topics.

Teachers Place: A math forum for pointers and tips.

University of Florida Math Resources: From basics to advanced math.

Music Education

Elementary Music Education Resources: Resources on instruments, songs/lyrics, composers and much more.

Choralnet: Listing of choirs and choral information.

NATS: National Association of Teachers of Singing.

Music Search: Music, lessons, and information about music for all ages.

Music Incorporation: Incorporating music into everyday life lessons.

William and Gayle Cook Music Library: A wealth of music information.

Science Education

Galileo Countdown: The countdown to Jupiter impact.

The JASON Project: An interactive way for children to learn and explore science.

Computer Science: Computer science projects, resources and studies.

Engineering Pathways: Engineering and computer science as career choices.

NASA Quest: Archived events and information on past NASA missions.

The Nine Planets: Mythology and science on our solar system.

Social Studies Education

The White House: The official website of President Obama.

Teaching Strategies: Lesson plans for social studies.

Scholastic Web Guide: Online activities and interactive learning resources.

PBS: Fun, interactive educational resources.

Performance Education: Social studies lesson plans in Adobe.