Vintage Computer Ads

It’s hard to believe, looking at the sleek laptop computer sitting on your desk right now, that its earliest ancestors bore little resemblance to it. There have been many computer models, and improvements to those models over the decades. Here are three well-known examples of what are now considered vintage computers, their descriptions, and advertisements for them at the time they were made.

A recognizable name in the early history of computers is Commodore. According to the information located at An Example of an Early Computer, the Commodore PET featured a cassette tape storage device, four K of memory, and the power to create “fantastic” graphics. Photographs of the Commodore PET are featured on this website along with one of its advertisements. If you’d like to see more advertisements for a variety of other Commodore computer models go to Vintage Computer Advertisements. As a note of interest, look for the famous face working as a spokesperson in one of the Commodore advertisements.

No article concerning vintage computers is complete without mentioning the Apple II computer. The information at Facts on a Famous Vintage Computer states that it was the first microcomputer to offer color graphics. In addition, according to the article, it came with its keyboard in a plastic case, a feature that was to become common for personal computers in the future. To see a complete list of the features of the popular Apple II computer and also an advertisement for it visit A Popular Vintage Computer.

The third vintage computer whose name may ring a bell is the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. In the Sinclair computer information at An Easy to Use Vintage Computer, it’s stated that the Sinclair ZX Spectrum was Sinclair’s first color computer. This vintage computer was very popular in the UK and, according to the description on the website, featured a keyword system of typing that made the process more efficient once it was mastered by its user. To view an advertisement for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, go to A Well-Known Vintage Computer Advertisement.