Our high definition projector rentals.

10,000 lumens HD

Christie HD10K-M Rental

12,000 lumens HD

18,000 lumens HD

18,000 lumens HD

HD projector Rentals

18,000 lumens HD

Christie Roadster HD18K Rental

18k – 26k lumens HD

Barco-HDF-W26 Projector Rentals

18k – 30k lumens HD

Barco Flex W30 Projector Rentals

26k – 40k lumens HD

Barco HDQ-2K40 Projector Rentals
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We do not provide rentals to individuals for personal use. We work exclusively with businesses, organizations, agencies and meeting planners that have multiple events annually.
We provide complete meeting & event rentals throughout the entire country. Listed below are a number of our most prominent rental locations across the United States.