Remote Support

Packages starting at $3,500

Present from any location with your own computer and have Meeting Tomorrow manage your webcast remotely to ensure success.

  • Live audio broadcast with slide integration
  • Dedicated event moderator
  • Interactive Q&A and polling
  • Custom pre-registration page to capture attendee information
  • Remote attendee support
  • Live and on-demand

Ideal Uses:
Virtual Trainings, Pharma CME, Investor Education

Onsite Broadcasting

Packages starting at $8,500

Stream your presentation from any location (professional studio, office, hotel or alternative venue) with MeetingTomorrow technicians onsite to produce the webcast and manage it remotely.

  • All equipment provided (lighting, cameras, microphones)
  • Experienced team of technicians onsite
  • Live video streaming with slide integration
  • Interactive Q&A and polling
  • Remote attendee support

Ideal Uses:
Town Halls, Government Meetings

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Hybrid Events

Packages starting at $14,000

Add a virtual component to any event and MeetingTomorrow will manage the onsite production for the live audience and stream to remote participants.

  • Full onsite A/V production and service for your local audience
  • Live video streaming
  • Multi-camera shoot available
  • Integrated Q&A for live and remote audiences
  • Contingency plans for multiple redundancies
  • Technical director onsite to produce the event

Ideal Uses:
Conferences, Brand Launches

Multi-Location Support

Starting at $750 per location

Do you have multiple presenters that need to collaborate around the country or do you need to setup AV support for webcast viewing around the country? Our AV technician network is the largest in the world, let us manage your entire event from beginning to end.

Meeting Tomorrow can support up to 500 simultaneous locations with full AV equipment and technician services for multi-site broadcasting.

hybrid events

Hybrid Events: Live + Virtual

Traditional thinking has said that some events lend themselves better to a live format, while other communications are a better fit for delivery over the web. So what’s right for your communication needs? Live, virtual, or a combination of both?

Savvy marketers and event professionals are increasingly answering “both”, and understanding the power of hybrid events.

Hybrid events (noun)

Events that combine both physical and virtual elements, and engage participants attending both live and virtually via the web.

Hybrid events may sound more complicated than traditional events, but they’re really not. Hybrid events help presenters get out one unified message to all audience members—whether in-person or across the globe. Hybrid events leverage the investment made in a live event by making the same experience available to your target audience who can’t attend in-person.

What are common hybrid event applications?

Amplifying the impact and ROI of conferences

The highest-growth application of hybrid events currently is in traditional hotel or convention center-based conferences, particularly educational, medical, association and trade conferences.

Broadcasting the content of these live conferences over the web amplifies the impact of the conference with a relatively small additional cost. Conference planners find they can increase attendance by 2x or more by including a virtual audience, with normally only a 3%-10% increase in their total event cost.

On-demand access to live presentations

Increasingly, the value of all meetings and events is being scrutinized. One of the biggest problems is that the information communicated in meetings and events is perishable. A great presentation is only great to the attendees who experienced it, and even they will forget most of what they heard.

Corporate training managers, marketers and others understand that capturing the content of presentations, meetings and events and making it available on-demand over the web multiplies the return on their meeting investments.

Communicating to remote offices and employees

If you’ve got employees and other important partners spread out all over the country, working from home and in field offices, then you know communication and engagement can be challenging. But everyone can get the same message, with the same impact as the team watching live at headquarters. By seamlessly integrating live presentations into webcasts to remote offices and employees, you can keep everyone up-to-date (and happy).

Hybrid event challenges

Creating great hybrid events requires delivering a great experience for both live and virtual audiences. It requires the intersection of great audio visual production services, and the technical knowledge to translate the live production elements into a flawless web event.

The problem is those skill sets and abilities rarely exist in the same provider. When planning a hybrid event, our clients often start with the in-house hotel provider before learning—after a couple of painful conversations—that they don’t know the ins and outs of creating a successful webcast. Other clients start with their in-house IT department, until the IT department turns to us to provide broadcast-quality production services.

Still other clients have tried to combine the two approaches—hiring an AV production company and a “webcasting specialist.” This approach inevitably fails too, as having two separate vendors accountable for the success of a hybrid event means no one is ultimately accountable, and the reconciling of their different approaches and skill sets often degrades to finger-pointing when problems arise.

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I had a lot of planning to do with putting together our event, so knowing that I did not have to worry about how our AV would be handled and that it was in good hands was a relief.
Brian Wachtel, Lupus Foundation of America

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