MedPoint Radius Health Broadcast

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1. Setup Form
2Post Event Form

General Info

Radius Heath events are reoccurring broadcasts, consisting of one doctor presenting from his/her home and one receiving location.

This page houses general information that will apply to each program. For specific information (backup PPT, audio bridge number and event URL), please reference your PO.

MT Contact Info

773-645-4878 x1

***Please keep your phone powered on and with you in case we have questions about info submitted on the setup form or need to relay new information.***

1. Pre-event Information

Event Support will arrange a job overview call pre-event to review expectations and make sure there are no outstanding questions. If there are specific dates/times lead tech is available for this call, please let us know.

2. Setup Form

Fill out the setup survey form upon completion of setup.

***You will be asked to enable and submit speeds for the hotspot so it can be prepared as a backup, however it should not be the primary source for internet for the start of the event (see section 5 for exceptions). Keep the iPhone connected to power until it is needed.***

***Venue may have in-house equipment available but no in house gear is to be used. Any requests from onsite contacts to use the in house gear should be communicated to MT immediately for approval. If there are conflicts or requests to change, contact MT ASAP.***

***We recommend using Internet Explorer to view the webcast.***

4. Event Milestones

1) Pre-event technician overview call
2) Backup presentation downloaded (if applicable)
3) Arrival onsite
4) Setup confirmed via an online survey form completed by the tech at the time of setup completion 
5) Verification of logged into the URL
7) Post-event online survey form submitted before leaving the venue

5. Q&A Information

Q&A will take place via chat function. The pharma rep onsite will be responsible for gathering questions from the audience and you will submit the questions in the platform in the Q&A portal.

6. Backup Options

  1. If available, the primary source of internet should be from a wired port
  2. If a wired port is not available or does not have good reception, use venue wireless network
  3. If the MT provided iPhone (hotspot) or Cradlepoint gets better download speed than the venue’s wired or wireless internet, please use that as your primary internet source for the program
  4. If the wireless connection goes down, use the MT provided iPhone as a hotspot or the MT provided Cradlepoint
  5. If the hotspot signal is still not strong enough to run the broadcast, use the backup powerpoint and iPhone to dial into the audio bridge and alert MT immediately.

***Only locations that tested poorly on the site survey have been shipped a Cradlepoint router.***

***MT needs to notified any time you switch to a backup solution during the program so that we can notify the client in real time.***

How to enable the Hotspot

Go to iPhone settings and click “Personal Hotspot”

Toggle the button next to “Personal Hotspot.” The button will be green once the hotspot is on

Write down the Wi-Fi Password for easy reference in case of internet failure (pictured above)

Go to list of available networks on your laptop and search for the network “iPhone”

Enter the Wi-Fi Password listed from the Personal Hotspot page of the iPhone

Once connected, a blue icon will appear at the top of the iPhone

7. Follow-up Post Event Form

Fill out the post-event survey form upon completion of the event.

***This is a required part of the event because results are due to MT’s client post-event. We will follow up with you if we do not receive results within 15 minutes of event end.***