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We ensure every device is wiped clean using a hard disk data removal utility that adheres to US Department of Defense standards (DoD 5220.22M).

  • We guarantee complete data removal from all rental devices.
  • We’ll send you a security certificate & full deletion report.


We specialize in custom imaging & deployment of laptop rentals, including loading election software and customizing security settings.

  • Seed laptops shipped for you to review before the event date.
  • “Remote in” and approve the final laptop image.


We have experience working with government clients and strive to be an easy partner to help you meet your deadlines.

  • You get a single POC who will respond quickly to requests.
  • We can securely email, fax and ship documents for our clients.

24/7 Support

Our Event Support Team is available 24/7 for technical & logistical support. They monitor shipments and ensure delivery & setup.

  • Spare laptops provided on every order just in case you need them.
  • You’ll get access to our 24/7 support line upon placing an order.

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If you find a better price on the same equipment, we’ll refund the difference, plus an additional 5%. 

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#1 largest inventory in the industry!

Watch the video to see how we help customers with laptops for user conferences, training, educational testing, temporary workspaces, and other events around the country.


laptop rental and customization for events

Laptop Customization

Custom imaging services include wallpapers/backgrounds, WiFi credentials, software installation, security settings, hard drive encryption, multiple user accounts and more… 

Get the same great event technology in every city across the country.

Drop us a line at 1-877-633-8866 to speak to a real person or...

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We do not provide rentals to individuals for personal use. We work exclusively with businesses, organizations, agencies and meeting planners that have multiple events annually.
We provide complete event technology rentals and services throughout the entire country. Listed below are a number of our most prominent rental locations across the United States.