Topic: Company News

Our New Home

In just a few short months, Meeting Tomorrow will move into our new home, located directly on the Chicago River at 2901 West Lawrence Avenue. This new home

CommunMT: Giving Back to the Community

Meeting Tomorrow’s mission statement is to build a culture of respect and affection – both inside and outside of our doors. During a time when many of us

Real World: A Typical AV Production Event

This is the true story of one production event, picked to live in a house…. Just kidding. But we’d love to share with you the journey of one

Meeting Tomorrow CMP Certification

CMP: Three Small Letters, Five Medium-Sized People, One Large Impact
Meeting Tomorrow is thrilled to announce we have FIVE certified meeting professionals (CMPs) on staff! We’re always trying to

Leading With Values

It’s hard to express how strongly we feel and embody our values, so we sought to capture Meeting Tomorrow in one word and convey what brings us joy.

Combo Meal #1: Meeting Tomorrow and a Fast Food Restaurant Chain

Burger and fries. Milkshake and fries. Fries and more fries. Classic fast food combos that just work well together. Speaking of, another great pairing is Meeting Tomorrow and

More Than A Spark: Meeting Tomorrow & Fireworks

The arrival of summer means backyard barbecues, sunscreen, and Firecracker Popsicles that stain your lips a mix of red and blue. Speaking of firecrackers, we love fireworks here

At the Theater: A Meeting Tomorrow Story

Have you ever been to the movie theater and eaten half your bag of popcorn before the movie even starts? Maybe the reason you had so much time