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Navigating Union AV Labor at Venues

Holding your event at a venue that requires union AV labor (sometimes referred to as a union facility) significantly increases your labor costs when compared to using a

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Strategic Stage Designs: 5 Real-Life Examples

We love to help our clients create impactful events, whether it’s with cutting-edge technology or meaningful attendee interaction, Meeting Tomorrow believes in seizing the opportunity of getting your

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Collaborative Ways to Organize a Successful Event

Event technology has grown in recent years, flooding the market with a vast array of ground-breaking options. Whilst this has resulted in improved experiences for event attendees, the

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Video Walls as Collaboration Tools at Events

Screens are (and have been) an integral part of our life for some time now. Walk around and you’ll see that the people without smartphones in their hands

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Maximize Social Media Reach at Your Events

Social media has become a marketing giant that every company needs to adopt. With the amount of time each platform can take to update, you want to make

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How to Properly Execute Branding at Events

Branding can make or break your event. Strong branding builds credibility, support, and trustworthiness. Having a memorable brand will make you stand out against the thousands of other

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Stick to Your Event Budget & Prevent Overspending

Event expenses can add up fast, and if you’re not paying attention, it’s easy to miss your financial goal by spending too much on unneeded items. However, with

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Real-World Applications for VR at Events

Most meeting pros seem to think that VR is either a distant dream or a silly fad. If instead of using the loaded term “virtual reality,” we instead

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