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How to Explain AV Cost to Decision Makers

It happens. Maybe you needed to switch to a bigger venue, your presenters need larger screens, or perhaps union labor was more than you thought.
Now, your event’s

Was Your Last Event a Success? Here’s How to Tell.

There’s a lot that goes into a successful corporate event. The time, planning, space, and money required to have an event that actually builds corporate culture or converts

AV 101: Recording Live Events

The greatest feeling ever is finishing up an engaging, lively event that goes off without a hitch. But you know what makes that feeling even better? Knowing you

AV 101: Affordable Ways to Light Your Stage

From film, theatre and media to events and presentations, lighting has always played a critical role in directing audience attention.

Lighting, especially when in the hands of an experienced

BYO Meeting Planner Survival Kit

Every event has it’s pros and cons and as a meeting planner, event manager or marketer that runs events you know that the days can be long and

Presenting an Advantage: 10 Best Practices for Event Presenters

In communications there’s an unwritten rule. And that rule is, any audience of any size will lend their time and attention, their feedback, and in many cases –

AV 101: How to Choose Projectors & Screens for Events

Screens. Whether it’s smart phones, tablets, laptops or PC’s, rich media has increased the demand for information delivered through screens – of all sizes, all the time.

Events, talks,

Event Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

Tracking event industry trends is a favorite activity here at Meeting Tomorrow.  After sifting through all the noise, we wanted to highlight three trends that you should expect