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Real-World Applications for VR at Events

Most meeting pros seem to think that VR is either a distant dream or a silly fad. If instead of using the loaded term “virtual reality,” we instead

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How to Encourage Attendees to Network and Have Fun

Let’s be honest, you want your event to be memorable and valuable to those who choose to attend, but it’s incredibly easy for attendees to get lost in

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5 Clever Ways to Incorporate Video Into Your Event

Video content is a great way to catch your audience’s attention in a short period of time. Short videos retain 53% of your audience to the very end.

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4 Lessons Event Planners Can Learn from the Holidays

Each year the holiday season is characterized by a mixture of cheer, hope, excitement and stress. It’s a cocktail of emotions that meeting and event planners know all

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5 TED Talk Innovations That Will Elevate Your Next Meeting

No one likes a boring corporate meeting! Fortunately, as advancements in presentations have been made swiftly in the last decade, today a meeting planner in virtually any industry

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How to Get the Feedback You Need to Improve Your Events

Let’s start with an honest truth: the events you host aren’t about you – they’re about your attendees. If they don’t leave smarter, happier, more inspired or better

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The Best Resources for Planning a Conference

Planning a conference is a major undertaking. There is so much more to do than meets the eye – from hunting for the perfect venue, booking the right

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Quit, Skip or Keep? – AR, 3D & Simple Event Apps

Most event profs would agree that our industry tends to be on the slower side when it comes to adopting new technologies. Largely this is about risk aversion

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