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4 Keys to Maximizing Your Sponsorship Strategy

Event planners are given budgets to stay within and highly skilled or seasoned professionals do a great job adhering to those financial parameters. But those budgets all roll

How to Create Sustainable Events

Incorporating green initiatives into your event planning process is quickly becoming an expectation of attendees. Sustainable events aim to reduce the demands that we place on the environment

A First-Timer’s Guide To Virtual Events

Webcast. Broadcast. Simulcast. Video Conferencing. Satellite. Live Streaming.

All those jargon-y words essentially mean “a virtual event,” or the idea of sharing a live presentation with a virtual audience.

An Intro to VR in the Meeting & Events Industry

Special Preview: Don’t miss Phil Hamstra’s Smart Monday IMEX session to see dozens of examples of real work applications in the meetings and events industry. The following is

AV Advice from a CMP

Audiovisual and the Meeting Planner
Top things to review when ordering AV!
When I started out as a meeting planner in 2006, I had no idea how many details I

Looking Beyond Your Typical Event Location

When meeting planners start evaluating possible event destinations, the first step is digging deep into the demographics of their audience and member base.
What do they value? How does

Building an AV RFP: Where to Start

Planning an event and need to find an AV provider? You’ll need to let the world know what you’re looking for so potential partners can propose their solutions

Designing Event Production in a Scalable Way

Event planners and conference organizers have their work cut out for them. In today’s world, the bar is constantly being raised in terms of the overall live event