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Real-World Applications for VR at Events

Most meeting pros seem to think that VR is either a distant dream or a silly fad. If instead of using the loaded term “virtual reality,” we instead

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How to Get the Feedback You Need to Improve Your Events

Let’s start with an honest truth: the events you host aren’t about you – they’re about your attendees. If they don’t leave smarter, happier, more inspired or better

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Quit, Skip or Keep? – AR, 3D & Simple Event Apps

Most event profs would agree that our industry tends to be on the slower side when it comes to adopting new technologies. Largely this is about risk aversion

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6 Things to Consider When Hosting Events in Non-Traditional Venues

Hosting an event in your office’s conference room or a hotel’s dedicated event space is usually a straightforward affair: these spaces are more-or-less designed for attendees to be

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5 Questions to Ask When Planning an Offsite Meeting

Planning a successful offsite meeting is all about, well… good planning. The decisions can seem endless – budget, location, meeting agenda, food, materials, and audio visual equipment all

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5 Cool Tech Ideas to Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

Exhibiting at trade shows is a fantastic way to connect with potential customers, try out new products and network with industry leaders. However, it’s always important to have a

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Top 5 Ways to Use Touch Screens at Events

Touch screens are a great way to attract guests to your booth and increase attendee engagement at events. They provide a unique opportunity to communicate and collaborate with

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10 Ways to Use iPads at Your Next Event

Event coordinators were recently ranked #5 on Forbes Most Stressful Jobs list of 2017. A major contributor to this stress is managing event technology needs, especially when adhering to strict deadlines and catering to

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