In-House AV or Outside AV Provider?
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The Value of an Outside Audio Visual Provider

Meeting Tomorrow does over 600 productions a year in hotels. We can coordinate all of your AV and technology needs, including power, internet and union labor. We know that you have a lot going on with planning your event, so we make AV easy.

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A Dedicated Team for Your Event

Meeting Tomorrow provides a team dedicated to only your event. Since we are not responsible for all events at a property, we have no competing events that will pull technicians or resources away from your event. This means you pay for dedicated support for your event – not anyone else’s.

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Unmatched Flexibility and Responsiveness

We are flexible with our clients on payment terms, equipment needs and last minute changes. Meeting Tomorrow has the largest network of AV and Technology resources in the country, which means we aren’t limited in any way. We don’t believe in red tape and we know how to accomplish things for our clients quickly and precisely.

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Consistent Experience Nationwide

When you work with Meeting Tomorrow, you get the same level of support, services, quality and flat rate pricing anywhere in the country. You’ll have one point of contact to work with you on all your events, so there’s no need to worry about having a different experience at each location.

BYOAV – Hotel Audio Visual

You Don’t Have to Use the Hotel AV Company.

Learn how to bring your own audio visual provider into hotel meeting room rentals, including a “buyer’s rights regarding third party suppliers” legal clause.

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