DAs, switchers and converters.

Video Distribution Amp Rental

4-output video distribution amp

Use to show one video source on multiple monitors or screens.

VGA Distribution Amp Rental

3 output VGA distribution amp

Use to show an image from one laptop on several projectors.

Simple VGA Switcher Rentals

Simple VGA switcher

For switching between 2 computers on one display.

Simple Composite Video Switch Rentals

Simple composite switch

For switching between 2 video cameras shown on one display.

Seamless switcher / SCAN converter rentals

Seamless Switcher Rental

Barco PDS-701 3G

A high-quality, easy-to-use seamless switcher that is perfect for live events.

Video Switcher Rentals

Barco PDS-902 3G

A fast seamless switcher with four DVI-I inputs and an adjustable preview output.

Seamless Switcher Rentals

Barco ScreenPRO-II

Multi-format switching with transitioning backgrounds, wipes, dissolves, and keys.

Seamless Video Switcher Rentals

Encore Controller SC

An advanced video processing system that supports up to 24 inputs and six destinations.

DVD and Blu-ray players

DVD player

For use with any monitor, television or projector.

Professional DVD Player Rental

Professional DVD player

DVD player with looping capabilities.

HD DVD Player Rental

Toshiba HD DVD player

Use to show 99hi-def DVDs on any hi-definition source.

Blue-Ray Player Rental

Blu-ray disc player

For use with any Blue-ray disc and HD projector and monitor.

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Why we’re your best choice for video accessory rentals.

Flat Rate Pricing

Flat rate pricing

You get charged the same rate for equipment and services no matter where your event is.
Checks and Balances

Checks and balances

We plan and monitor to ensure your equipment and support arrives when and where it's supposed to.
Quick Turnaround

Quick turnaround

We respond quickly to emails, calls and quotes. And YES, we can meet same-day and next day requests.
On-Site Services

On-site Services

On-site techs handle charging, equipment distribution and instruction for your audience.
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Doris Fischer

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Helping a medical company with their largest product launch ever

A hearing aid manufacturer released a new product that interfaced with computers and launched a promotional marketing campaign across 150 locations in key markets. Meeting Tomorrow provided the laptops and event technology to make their event series consistent and successful in every location.

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Streamlining support for 1,200 dinner meetings

A medical communications company needed to increase success rates and decrease costs for their 1,200 annual dinner meetings. We helped them consolidate everything to one provider including on-site production, streaming, webcasting platform support and remote event logistics.

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Helping a retailer with internal meetings

A major consumer goods retailer regularly holds internal town hall meetings, broadcasts and live events to keep their employees updated on company priorities. They needed a reliable audiovisual company that could help them scale support to their event producers in key markets as needed.

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Some wonderful clients who trust our audiovisual services.

Virgin America
Exxon Mobile
Grow Marketing
Eventive Marketing
Tangerine Events
Conference Direct
Tactical Advantage Group
United Health
Ackerman McQueen
Alma Lasers

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