Better webcasting for continuing medical education.


A medical communications company helps pharmaceutical companies educate their audiences throughout the United States through live events with a webcast to remote locations. They needed a preferred audiovisual provider to bring in for backup when working with in-house audiovisual companies.

Their results

  • 100% success rate for their 130 meetings.
  • Nationwide Continuing Medical Education webcasts to all their locations.
  • 1,500+ doctors educated on new pharmaceutical rules and guidelines.

What they needed

They needed a responsive audiovisual provider that could help with last minute equipment requests. They also needed on-site technical support during their remote events and a solid webcasting platform to stream to these locations.

What we delivered

Technical site surveys were performed at their remote locations before their events to test internet stability. The survey included a full report on the technical capabilities of each venue with contingency plans for technical issues that could arise. On the day of their event they had trained technicians on-site operating all equipment related to producing, encoding, streaming and downloading their webcast feeds.

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