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How do I place an order?

You can place an order or receive a quote by calling us at (877) 633-8866. You can also find additional assistance by clicking on our Live Chat button at the bottom of each page.
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How far in advance of my rental date(s) should I order the equipment?

We recommend you place your order as soon as you know what equipment you’ll require. However, we do offer both next day and same day service for your last-minute needs.
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Can Meeting Tomorrow provide same day service?

Yes! Even though our name is Meeting Tomorrow we’re happy to help you with your same-day, last-minute needs.
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How will I receive my equipment?

If you don’t require a technician, your equipment will be delivered to you via courier or express delivery service, directly to your office, or meeting location. Meeting Tomorrow does not have staffed retail locations for customers to pick up or drop off equipment.
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Why are you delivering my equipment the day prior to my rental date? Will I be charged for this extra day?

With most orders we deliver your equipment the day prior to your rental date for no additional charge. This allows you the opportunity to set up for your event or practice your presentation.

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How do I return my rental equipment back to Meeting Tomorrow?

We include pre-paid adhesive UPS return labels along with our shipments. After using your equipment, simply affix this label to the outside of the small shipping container and drop it at a UPS drop-off for return. Bulkier equipment, such as screens or sound systems, will be picked up after your event. In some cases you may need to schedule a UPS pickup for the equipment, and directions will be provided for you at the time of placing your order.

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What if I have trouble with my equipment or it doesn’t work?

All equipment is tested before we deliver it to you. However, if you do have an equipment problem, you can reach a Meeting Tomorrow technician for help by calling (877) 633-8866. If we cannot fix the problem, we will replace your rental equipment by the quickest means possible – even if that means renting equipment from another company.

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How do I know what type of equipment is right for my needs?

You can read a short description about each piece of equipment on our website. However, our customer service associates and technicians have the experience and training to help match your requirements with the right equipment. Just give us a call at (877) 633-8866send an email, or use our Live Chat feature at the bottom of the page.

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How can I change or cancel a previously placed order? Will I be charged for a cancellation?

If you need to cancel your full order or a portion of your order, you are required to notify Meeting Tomorrow in writing. If your delivery date is quickly approaching, please also be sure to call your dedicated sales rep or our Event Support line at (773) 754-3878 to notify us as quickly as possible.

Dependent on when the order is cancelled in advance of the event, a cancellation fee will be due at the following rates:

  • If the entire order or a portion of the order is cancelled three business days or greater before the delivery date, a refund of 75% will be processed and 25% remains due.
  • If the entire order or a portion of the order is cancelled one or two business days before the delivery date, a refund of 50% will be processed and 50% remain due.
  • If the entire order or a portion of the order is cancelled the same day as the delivery date, no refund will be processed and the total fees remain due.

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Where can Meeting Tomorrow deliver equipment to?

Meeting Tomorrow services the entire United States, and can deliver equipment same-day to 95% of the country.
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How do I choose which projector is right for me?

Our projector rentals page offers short descriptions and basic uses for each projector; however, we know this does not answer every question. If you’d like to know more, simply tell us what you plan to use the projector for and we’ll be happy to suggest the equipment that will work best for your individual situation. Feel free to reach us through live chat or by phone at (877) 633-8866.
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What is the difference between an SVGA and XGA projector?

The image display from an SVGA resolution projector has less pixels, and hence a lower resolution than XGA resolution projectors. This means that XGA projectors produce a clearer, sharper image. SVGA resolution projectors are appropriate for PowerPoint presentations displaying mostly text and presentations in small rooms with dimmed lights. XGA resolution projectors are appropriate for PowerPoint presentations with graphics, and displaying photos or video.
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What is the difference between DLP and LCD projectors?

DLP and LCD are two competing technologies used in digital projectors. Until recently, most digital projectors used LCD technology. Over the last few years many manufacturers have switched to using DLP technology. We carry both types of projectors and don’t think there’s a distinguishable difference.
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What are other names for digital projectors?

Digital projectors are also commonly known as LCD projectors, DLP projectors, data projectors, multimedia projectors, computer projectors, video projectors, DVD projectors, InFocus projectors, or Proxima projectors.
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What are lumens?

Lumens are the measure of a projector’s brightness. Our lowest lumens projector, 1200 lumens, is appropriate for use with a small audience in a room where the lights are dimmed. For larger audiences and brighter venues, we offer projectors ranging all the way up to 25,000 lumens. We would be happy to help you decide what is appropriate for your situation – just give us a call at (877) 633-8866.
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What can I connect to the projector?

You can connect any of our projectors to a laptop or desktop computer (PC or Mac), DVD player, VCR, video camera or document camera. Just tell us what you need to connect the projector to, and we’ll make sure to include everything you need.
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What is the contrast ratio?

The contrast ratio measures how a projector displays the lightest and darkest parts of an image. Projectors with a high contrast ratio (1500:1 or higher) are very good for showing pictures, video, or any presentation with lots of color.
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How far should my projector be from the screen?

In general your projector should be about twice as far from the screen as your screen is wide. For example, if your screen is 5 feet wide, your projector should be approximately 10 feet from the screen.

The technical term for describing this calculation is Throw Ratio. Unless specified otherwise, all of our projectors have a throw ratio of approximately 2:1. This means that for every foot of screen width, your projector should be twice as far away (for a 6-foot wide screen the projector is 12 feet away; for an 8-foot wide screen the projector is 16 feet away; and so on).
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What type of audio equipment do I need for a small presentation?

If you are looking to amplify one person’s voice to a small group, you will need a microphone and either a single or pair of powered speakers. If you have more than one microphone you will also need a mixer. A 4 input mixer will handle up to 4 microphones or other audio inputs (CD player, laptop, DVD player, etc.). We also carry 8 and 12 input mixers.
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What’s the difference between handheld and lavalier microphones?

Handheld microphones are made to be held in your hand or placed in a microphone stand. Lavaliere microphones are smaller and can be clipped to your jacket or shirt.
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What’s the difference between wireless and wired microphones?

A wireless microphone has no wires connecting it to the other sound equipment, allowing for more freedom of movement. Both the handheld and lavaliere wireless microphones include a transmitter that is usually clipped to your belt, and a receiver that is plugged into the powered speaker or mixer. A wired microphone plugs directly into the mixer or speakers.
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Do I need a mixer?

A mixer allows you to control the sound levels of different audio inputs. If you need to amplify the sound from more than one source then you need a mixer. A mixer also is required if you must connect a device that uses RCA audio cables (DVD player, VCR, CD player) or one that uses 1/8 inch audio cables (laptops, iPods).
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What add-on options do I need?

If you will need Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel or Word, you will need to add Microsoft Office. If you need high speed Internet access, you should choose the wired network card or wireless connectivity option.
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What is Mini DV technology?

Mini DV is an affordable digital video format that is widely used for both private and commercial purposes. This format is currently the most popular for new camcorders being sold today.
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What are the advantages of Mini DV over DVD cameras?

While DVD is common in homes and offices, it has only recently been used to record live video. There are no professional DVD cameras in production, and the consumer-grade models available have limited features and capacity (30 minutes per disc). There is also a much greater risk of the DVD failing than of a Mini DV tape.
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Can I record the Mini DV tape on to my VHS tape, computer, or DVD?

Yes. You can connect the camcorder to your VCR / stand alone DVD burner/player with the included video cable. This is the easiest way to make copies of a Mini DV tape so everyone is able to watch it since not everyone has a Mini DV camcorder. If you wish to copy your DV tape on to your computer, your computer must have a DVD burner, firewire port, 6 pin to 4 pin firewire cable, and video capturing software. Meeting Tomorrow does not rent or provide support for this equipment.
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How long does the battery last?

Generally, the standard battery it comes with will last approximately 60 minutes (45 minutes while using the LCD screen). You also may use the included A/C adapter for additional power.
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How long can I record for on a tape?

Most tapes can record 60 minutes of footage in SP mode (Standard Play). They are capable of recording longer than 60, but video quality will be sacrificed in the process.
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Will the Mini DV tape work in my older camcorder?

The Mini DV tape will only function in a Mini DV camcorder or deck. This tape format is unique to these decks – in much the same way a VHS cassette will not work in a DVD player.
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Is this camcorder PAL compatible?

No. Our camcorders are NTSC, which is the standard in North America, Japan, Canada and many other regions. It is rare to obtain a PAL camcorder unless you are located in a PAL country.
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Will the camcorder fit on my tripod?

In most cases, it will. The camcorders have a standard 1/4-20 thread, which many consumer grade tripods (for both still and video cameras) use. We also rent tripods that are compatible with all our video cameras.
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What’s the difference between a tripod and fastfold screen?

We have two sizes of tripod screens: 6′ and 8′. These have a pull down screen and a tripod stand and are simple to assemble. We also have larger sizes of fastfold screens available. These are called “fastfold screens” because of the way the screen is assembled. The actual screen is buttoned to the outside of the frame, which has L shaped legs on each side of it.
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What size screen do I need?

We recommend our smaller 6′ screens for audiences under 100 people. For events up to 300 people, an 8′ screen is usually appropriate. For larger events, please consult with one of our friendly customer service representatives for assistance.
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Do you offer technician services for setting up or running the equipment?

Yes. The rate for our technicians starts at $85 an hour.
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Is someone available to help me troubleshoot problems with my equipment when Meeting Tomorrow is closed?

Yes, we always have a technician on-call for after-hours emergencies. You can reach the technician by calling us at (877) 633-8866 and dialing 6.
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What’s covered under the accidental damage insurance?

Meeting Tomorrow’s accidental damage insurance covers any non-intentional damage incurred to the equipment during your rental period. Please be aware that this does not include weather-related damage, negligence or theft.
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What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express.
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Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, we love big orders! Please call us at (877) 633-8866 to discuss your specific requirements.
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Does Meeting Tomorrow offer monthly rates for equipment?

We may have a monthly rate depending on the type of equipment you need. Please give us a call at (877) 633-8866 to discuss your needs.
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Where can I find a list of all your prices?

Individual product prices for certain items can be viewed throughout the site. You can call our toll-free number to get the latest pricing on any of our products and services: (877) 633-8866.

Do you have a cross-rental program for other audio visual vendors?

Yes we do. Please contact us at for more information.
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Who can I contact regarding business development opportunities?

Please contact us via email.
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What is your mailing address?

Please direct mail to: Meeting Tomorrow 4848 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60630.
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What if I need equipment that is not listed on your site?

Give us a call! We can often provide special equipment as needed. You can reach us at (877) 633-8866.
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Can I purchase equipment or get repair service through Meeting Tomorrow?

We generally do not sell or repair equipment, with the exceptions of our large venue projectors.
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