Our most popular commercial-grade projector rentals.

6500 lumens

Eiki LC-X80 Rental

12,000 lumens

Eiki LC XT4u Rental

18,000 lumens HD

Christie roadster HD18K

20,000 lumens

Barco FLM R20+

Behind the Scenes of AV Production

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Watch the video to meet a few of our team members and see how we helped 4 customers produce successful meetings and events around the country.


Commercial-grade projectors by type.

Barco FLM HD18

High definition projectors

Projectors for showing crystal clear, high-definition video from any HD source.

Panasonic PT-7700U

5000 – 8,500 lumens projectors

Projectors with up to 8500 lumens, for use with screens up to 12′ wide.

Eiki LC-XT3

10,000 – 12,000 lumens projectors

Projectors from 10,000 – 12,000 lumens can project images up to 40 ft. wide.

Barco FLM HD18

15,000 lumens+ projectors

Our brightest projectors for large images, use outdoors, or in bright light.

Commercial-grade projectors by brand.

Barco SLM R12+

Barco projectors

View all Barco brand projectors. For rent or purchase.

Christie roadster HD18K

Christie projectors

View all Christie brand projectors. For rent or purchase.

DPE Highlite 12000SX

DPI projectors

View all DPI brand projectors. For rent or purchase.

Eiki LC-XT3

Eiki projectors

View all Eiki brand projectors. For rent or purchase.

Panasonic PT-7700U

Panasonic projectors

View all Panasonic brand projectors. For rent or purchase.

Sharp XG-P610X

Sharp projectors

View all Sharp brand projectors. For rent or purchase.

Some events made possible with our audio visual rentals.

How to be in 683 locations at once

A major clothing retailer needed to build buzz around the launch of their new denim line and hired a fresh marketing agency to reinvent their brand as the leader of fashionable jeans. We provided full-service audiovisual service and support including sourcing, shipping and event management logistics.

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Helping a retailer with internal meetings

A major consumer goods retailer regularly holds internal town hall meetings, broadcasts and live events to keep their employees updated on company priorities. They needed a reliable audiovisual company that could help them scale support to their event producers in key markets as needed.

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Some wonderful clients who trust our audiovisual services.

Virgin America
Exxon Mobile
Grow Marketing
Eventive Marketing
Tangerine Events
Conference Direct
Tactical Advantage Group
United Health
Ackerman McQueen
Alma Lasers

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