It is really nice to feel valued as a customer. In the past I’ve worked with the hotel AV provider and I felt like I was just another job. Meeting Tomorrow sets itself apart with its service and pricing—keep up the great work!”

Cara Dickerson
 - Woman's Board Coordinator - Children's Home + Aid
Cara Dickerson, Woman's Board Coordinator - Children's Home + Aid

“HMSHost has worked with Meeting Tomorrow to present and sell multi-million solutions to our clients. Companies who truly value the impression they make on their audience should trust Meeting Tomorrow for their AV needs.”

Arthur Castle
 - HMSHost
Arthur Castle, HMSHost

“I used to hire AV companies and worry they wouldn’t deliver for us. Working with Meeting Tomorrow over the past 3 years has changed my expectations. Your team’s dependability, honesty and work ethic stand out.”

Spencer T. Folmar
 - SpenceTF Productions
Spencer T. Folmar, SpenceTF Productions

“Your nationwide approach and commitment to personalized service is what keeps me coming back. I recommend MT without hestitation because of my confidence that you’ll never let me down. Thanks for helping us look good and grow our business.”

Tommy White
Tommy White, GSDM

“You have been a stand out vendor for J.P. King for over 4 years. You go above and beyond to make sure I’m satisfied—you’re always checking up on me to make sure I’m happy. I recommend Meeting Tomorrow all the time.”

Grant Skaggs
 - JP King Auction Company
Grant Skaggs, JP King Auction Company

Your pricing is competitive and your customer service, on the phone and on-site, is second to none. I have had the opportunity to work with other “national” AV companies and can honestly say I would place Meeting Tomorrow above them all.”

Shawn Ottmar
 - President - Esso Productions, Inc.
Shawn Ottmar, President - Esso Productions, Inc.

“Meeting Tomorrow has handled AV services for our events going on 4 years now. You’re always on top of your game and I know I can count on a price within our budget. You are great to work with!”

Candice Jacobson
 - Leader Enterprises
Candice Jacobson, Leader Enterprises

“Thank you for being such a pleasant company to work with. Your service was professional, the equipment was impressively packaged and set-up and return were easy. You have set the standard quite high – I am bragging about your company!”

Jamie Monette
 - St. Bernard School
Jamie Monette, St. Bernard School

“Working with the people at Meeting Tomorrow is so easy. Your team is friendly, helpful and completely accommodating—there’s no request I’ve made that was ever denied, and the onsite execution is precise and well thought out.”

Jennifer Wright
 - Prudential Rubloff
Jennifer Wright, Prudential Rubloff

“We were on such a short timeline—1.5 working days from the event! You delivered on all levels—responsiveness, impeccable customer service, great product knowledge, and above all execution!”

Jodie Brooks
 - Member Serives Coordinator - GFAI
Jodie Brooks, Member Serives Coordinator - GFAI

“The fact that I NEVER have to question whether you will meet my expectations—I’ll forever be loyal to you. Your company has the best customer service. I’ve never encountered such professionalism and promptness.”

Megan McCormack
 - Training Coordinator - Les Mills
Megan McCormack, Training Coordinator - Les Mills

“You understand our expectations of how our products need to be presented. I like how you solicit feedback from us to continually improve our experience. Thanks Meeting Tomorrow!”

Nicole Glockner
 - Microsoft
Nicole Glockner, Microsoft

“What I like best about Meeting Tomorrow–and why I’d recommend you to others–is that you’re always so flexible and accommodating to our needs. You’re professional, responsive – and your pricing is nice too.”

Elisabeth Antoine
 - Global Project Coordinator - Starcom
Elisabeth Antoine, Global Project Coordinator - Starcom

“You’ve been providing my company with AV support for small to large meetings for over 2 years. Because my programs are throughout the US, having one point of contact to help me everywhere is a huge advantage for me.”

Danielle Winter
 - Coresite
Danielle Winter, Coresite

“I have probably worked with hundreds of AV companies—Meeting Tomorrow’s performance, customer service and execution sets you apart from the others.”

Alex Stein
 - LeadDog Marketing Group
Alex Stein, LeadDog Marketing Group

“I didn’t think I could find an AV company that could support all of our outdoor events nationwide. The live event business is constantly evolving and you’ve always been able to flex to meet all of my needs. You’re a great company to work with!”

Scott Lemke
 - Big Communications
Scott Lemke, Big Communications

“We have just transitioned to using only Meeting Tomorrow for our event AV needs! Your onsite support is consistently reliable, and your customer service is always quick and responsive. Thank you for everything you do!”

Canetha Dodd
 - Meeting Coordinator - Circle 31, Inc.
Canetha Dodd, Meeting Coordinator - Circle 31, Inc.

It’s been great to work with one company that can reliably support us for our software demonstrations all over the United States. There’s rarely an issue, but even if there is, you resolve it quickly and always to my satisfaction.”

Kathy Imel
 - Tiburon, Inc.
Kathy Imel, Tiburon, Inc.

“We’ve worked with Meeting Tomorrow for several years and appreciate your flexibility and responsiveness in handling our last minute requests. You’re a great fit for fast-paced businesses that have AV needs nationwide.

Aaron Stollfuss
 - TriTech Software Systems
Aaron Stollfuss, TriTech Software Systems

“Nancy provides wonderful customer service—no matter when I call I feel as though I am her only customer. Being able to call on one contact to service all of our events nationwide has been a great relief. ”

April C. Herbert
 - Public Safety Systems Inc.
April C. Herbert, Public Safety Systems Inc.

“For 3 years I have used Meeting Tomorrow on our annual event and I will continue to use them because of their integrity and reliability. MT understands that I have many details – I can relax knowing that they are for me.”

Larry Maes
 - The Southern California Concrete Producers
Larry Maes, The Southern California Concrete Producers

“When I started working with you I had heard of your great reputation for customer service. What I love is your “can-do” attitude and responsiveness. You’re great about accommodating all of our special (and last minute) requests and within our budget!”

Sandy Dwyer
 - Events Manager - Gathering of Leaders
Sandy Dwyer, Events Manager - Gathering of Leaders

“After working with other AV companies I realized it was worth the extra expense working with Meeting Tomorrow. Your professionalism and helpfulness sets you apart–I’m looking forward to a long working relationship!”

Rebecca Carlson
 - Executive Director - Kitsap County Medical Society
Rebecca Carlson, Executive Director - Kitsap County Medical Society

“You are so easy to work with and always come through when I need you. I love the fact that you are nationwide and I can work with one person to plan my event anywhere. You’ve never let me down!”

Dennis Azato
 - Ackerman McQueen
Dennis Azato, Ackerman McQueen

“Responsiveness is critical in the Medical Communications industry. I’ve worked with other AV companies and the attention to detail and urgency has not been the same. Your reliability and responsiveness sets you apart.”

Ellie Klein
 - Sr. Program Manager - CommGeniX, LLC
Ellie Klein, Sr. Program Manager - CommGeniX, LLC

“Meeting Tomorrow proved through your pricing and support it made more sense to work with an outside AV company. Customer support is extremely important to us and you guys are number one when it comes to service!”

Vicki Hamilton
 - Senior Associate - American Red Cross
Vicki Hamilton, Senior Associate - American Red Cross

Meeting Tomorrow’s customer service differentiates you from other companies I’ve worked with. Your team has been wonderful and everyone is so accommodating. Thank you!”

Linda Kay
 - New York Food Company
Linda Kay, New York Food Company

“Working with your team is seamless—ordering is easy and the service is completely reliable. I’ve recommended you to my colleagues and they really like working with you too!”

Ben Motz
 - Program Manager - Strategic HealthCOM
Ben Motz, Program Manager - Strategic HealthCOM

“Standing ovation! The personal attention provided by your team was above and beyond what was ever expected. Working with you made life for our team A LOT less stressful.”

Zoraida Walker
 - IMG Live
Zoraida Walker, IMG Live

“Working with Meeting Tomorrow is a huge time saver and so easy! Just finished a 6 city tour across the country and it was so helpful to use one company for all 6 locations! Thank you for all of your help!”

Carlene Mutter
 - Client Support Coordinator - Tandus Flooring
Carlene Mutter, Client Support Coordinator - Tandus Flooring

I was thrilled with how easy it was to order through Meeting Tomorrow. Since I’m not a tech person, I was a little nervous – but I got exactly what I was expecting and delivery and pickup were reliable and on-time.”

Betsy Bush
Betsy Bush, WCF-NY

Your team is always so friendly each time I call. You always guide me through and explain what I need to order–it’s great to know that a company like yours exists. Many thanks!”

Cindy Sokolowski
 - Administrator - Lake Geneva Oral Surgery
Cindy Sokolowski, Administrator - Lake Geneva Oral Surgery

“In the litigation business everything is on a tight deadline, and you’ve always been able to service my clients on very short notice. I like that I can make one call to Christi and she already knows my budget and requirements.”

Alison Evans
 - Tower Design Group
Alison Evans, Tower Design Group

“Planning an event can be stressful. The reliability and ease of working with Meeting Tomorrow is reassuring and gives me one less thing I need to worry about. Great job!!”

Jessica Lipscomb
 - Johnson Controls, Inc.
Jessica Lipscomb, Johnson Controls, Inc.

“What I like most working with Meeting Tomorrow is the breadth and variety of resources you have around the U.S. We know we can call you and you’ll make it happen—even last-minute orders or changes.”

Brandon Smith
 - Johnson & Johnson
Brandon Smith, Johnson & Johnson

“Thank you for your wonderful service and patience. During our most stressful event of the year you and your onsite technicians provided great service. I will recommend you to others!”

Tiki Guevara
 - Event Coordinator - Forums Event Design
Tiki Guevara, Event Coordinator - Forums Event Design

“What I like best about Meeting Tomorrow is your competitive pricing and customer service. You get to know your customers on a personal level—you work to understand what’s needed to achieve the goals of the event, and give an honest quote.”

Cassie Kovacevich
 - Open-First
Cassie Kovacevich, Open-First

“Meeting Tomorrow provides great customer service—you’re always quick to respond to my needs and have the equipment I need. You’ve changed my perception of AV companies.”

Jorge Castro
 - Manager - Yeomans Chicago Corporation
Jorge Castro, Manager - Yeomans Chicago Corporation

“You’ve got quality equipment that’s easy to set up and use, and your pricing is affordable. But what I love most is your quick response and customer service.”

Lynette Valentine
 - Director of Professional Development - Comdata
Lynette Valentine, Director of Professional Development - Comdata

“Your pricing is better than the hotel in-house AV companies and the service is excellent. I’d absolutely recommend your services to others.”

Eric Neuman
 - Accenture Software
Eric Neuman, Accenture Software

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