3rd Annual Thanksgiving Tomorrow

This year our Thanksgiving Tomorrow office potluck turned out great.
We’re thankful for all of our friends, coworkers and clients! 


Happy Thanksgiving from the Meeting Tomorrow family!

Mustache Tomorrow 2015

Meeting Tomorrow is proud to present our 2015 lineup of Mobros!

We’ve got Movember donation cups in the office and the polls will be open all week. If you’d like to […]

5 Questions to Ask When Planning an Offsite Meeting

Planning a successful offsite meeting is all about, well, good planning. The decisions can seem endless – budget, location, meeting agenda, meals and snacks, materials, and audio visual equipment […]

iPad Pro Rentals for Events

The iPad Pro has just been released and promises to be the largest and most powerful iOS device to date. Apple’s keynote presentation showcased both the design and work potential of […]

Meeting Tomorrow at INTER[action] 2015

We had a blast at INTER 2015 in Toronto!

The Meeting Tomorrow booth highlighted our new event technology packages for Interactive Displays, Mobile Solutions and Social Integration. We’re really excited about these all-in-one […]

9 Cool & Creative Ways to Use a Projector

Meeting planners use projectors to share slides and visuals with audiences everyday, but some find more creative ways to use projectors.
1. Make an Interactive Whiteboard with a Wiimote
An interactive whiteboard displays a computer […]

Catchbox: The Throwable Audience Mic [Video]

There’s been a lot of recent talk about gamification at meetings and events, and for good reason. It is challenging to invite guests to interact with unfamiliar content and even […]

iPads: An Event Planner’s Secret Weapon!

Event coordinators were recently ranked #8 on CareerCast’s Most Stressful Jobs list of 2015. A major contributor to this stress is managing event technology needs, especially when adhering to strict deadlines and catering to a large, […]