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4 Ways to Incorporate Pinterest’s 2024 Rising Trends into Your Next Event

4 Ways to Incorporate Pinterest’s 2024 Rising Trends into Your Next Event

According to Pinterest, 2024 will be filled with eclectic grandpas, kitschy kitchens, badminton, and…jellyfish? The annual Pinterest Predicts report details the newest rising trends based on the activity of the platform’s 482 million users, and has seen an 80% accuracy over the last four years. For 2024, Pinterest identified 23 breakout trends that touch on everything from beauty, lifestyle aesthetics, shopping, fitness, and food. So what does this mean for the events space? From the report, we can learn what is piquing the interest of people today and create new opportunities to connect with attendees. 

Here are four ways you can incorporate Pinterest’s 2024 predictions into your next event:

Go Big and Bold with Your Stage Designs

Something you won’t find in the 2024 Pinterest Predicts is a minimalistic, bland trend. Whether it’s with makeup, hair, or home decor, 2024 is about being big and bold. And we’ve been seeing a similar trend in the events space with more companies branching out of simpler, traditional stage designs for ones that are out-of-the-box and leave a lasting impression. 

One of our favorite examples is this set we designed for a client who wanted a modern, organic feel for their daytime event in California. We custom printed a set of organic shapes in bright pastels, and finished them off with a draping of live flowers, making for a really beautiful, dynamic backdrop for guests to look at throughout the event.

california live flowers scenic

Make Space for Relaxation

Wellness has been a steady trend for the past few years, with more people wanting to find ways to prioritize their health and happiness. Pinterest’s 2024 iterations of wellness trends were Rest Stop, which is all about the slowcation game, and Head to Glow, which centers on upgrading your in-home spa experiences. Gen Z and Millennials are ditching jam-packed itineraries for more laid back and rest-oriented trips. In the events space, this has translated to the rise of ‘bleisure,’ with employees making the most out of their business travel by extending their stay for non-work fun. Integrating relaxation and wellness in an event can show up in a variety of ways, big and small. 

Extend Hotel Room Rates: As you are negotiating the discounted hotel room rate for your conference, see if you can extend the rate for a couple of nights beyond the conclusion of your event. Attendees can take advantage of the deal and dedicate extra nights towards vacationing and enjoying the city. 

Schedule Longer Breaks: Making space for relaxation can be as easy as extending breaks in between sessions. Instead of rushing from session to session, provide some wiggle room for your audience to take a breather, soak in what they learned, and decompress. They’ll be more refreshed and present for each session. 

Upgrade to More Comfortable Seating: Don’t underestimate the power of a comfortable chair. If your event attendees are going to be sitting for the majority of the time, upgrading your seating can make a world of a difference. One of our clients opted for these soft velvet chairs, which not only made for a plush event experience, but elevated the sophistication of the space.

soft seating for corporate events example

Lean into the Setting

Since your attendees are traveling to your event, why not help them experience as much of the host city as possible? Lean into the setting and use your event location as inspiration for the decorations and stage design. 

On this year’s list of Pinterest Predicts, we took note of nature related trends like Be Jelly, which is all about a rise in an ethereal, squishy, jellyfish-like aesthetic. There’s also Tropic Like It’s Hot — think hibiscus prints, pineapple recipes, and tropical chic decor. If your event is by the coast, bring those ocean vibes inside with a shimmery backdrop or floating illuminations. Or, go for a bright sunset palette for that tropical vacation-feel. 

That’s exactly what one of our clients wanted for their Miami event, where we decked out their stage with bright pink, yellow, and orange graphics. 

miami colorwall stage design

Dirt Flirts was another nature-themed trend on this year’s Pinterest list, based on the rise of Boomers and Gen Xers heading for off-road adventures and a dusty, rugged lifestyle. This Arizona event that our team imagined for a client went all in for a desert-themed stage design with half-circle setting suns and custom cacti pieces reminiscent of a Sedona horizon.

dirt flirt arizona stage design

Forge Deeper Connections

Big Talk was the 2024 prediction about getting vulnerable and forging deeper connections. Pinterest reported the rise of Gen Z and Millennials searching for conversation starters that go beyond the surface and cultivate stronger relationships with those closest to them. Whether it’s in life with family and friends, or at an event with coworkers and fellow industry professionals, we’re all craving meaningful connections. You’re spending a lot of time and energy bringing people together for an event, the last thing you want is for attendees to leave feeling like they didn’t have a chance to really connect with the people there. Here are some ways you can open the door for your event goers to get to know each other. 

Offer Pre-Event Connection Sessions: Offer space before or after an event for attendees to virtually meet and interact. This is especially beneficial for external conferences where attendees are coming from multiple organizations and don’t have an established connection. We’ve seen some conferences set up a dedicated Slack community for attendees to chat with each other in the days leading up to the in-person festivities. And others have held optional pre-event Zoom calls where attendees are placed into get-to-know-you breakout rooms. These are great options that will help your guests skip the formalities and dive right into more substantive conversation when they meet IRL for the first time.

Set up 1:1 Meeting Spaces: We’re loving these nook pods perfect for one-on-one meetings on a busy convention floor. Amidst the exciting hustle and bustle of an event, your attendees will appreciate a sit-down space for a private conversation. 

Don’t Disregard the Lobby or Hallway Areas: Think of lobbies and hallways not just as a place for people to come and go in between sessions, but as a space for connection. Set up mingling areas, build a photo wall, offer refreshments, and design the space in a way that encourages attendees to pause and interact with one another. 

Create Conversation-Friendly Audience Layout: Skip the traditional rows of seating for layouts that are more conducive to starting a conversation with a neighbor. One of our favorite examples comes from the MDRT Edge Conference that our team produced. Their general session had an X-shaped stage which allowed for 360 degree seating. Attendees were grouped into table sections, offering more opportunities to talk with each other and get closer to the speakers. 

event stage ideas

Final Thoughts

The world’s lifestyle and consumer behaviors are changing,  and that means the events space is changing with it. Incorporating these trends isn’t about being trendy simply for the sake of being trendy. It’s an opportunity to strike a chord with your attendees and leave them with a positive lasting impression of their experience. It’s the small things that can make a difference in attendance loyalty and get people excited about coming back year after year.

Come join the Meeting Tomorrow community on Pinterest! Our team at Meeting Tomorrow regularly uses Pinterest to gain inspiration, make creative mood boards for clients, and share our own stage designs and events that we’re proud of.



Cindy Chea is a Content Specialist at Meeting Tomorrow. She loves coffee, travel vlogging, and Pennsylvania nature.