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Citing Internet and Print Resources

Citing Internet and Print Resources

There are three basic style guides students should know when citing information from the Internet or a general print source. Below you will find links to APA Style Guides, MLA Style Guides, and Turabian Style Guides. There is also a section for other citation tips and resources.

APA Style Guides

APA Electronic References Guide: A frequently updated guide that shows how to cite e-mail, web sites, electronic databases, and web citations.

The Writing Center APA Guide: Features how to do parenthetical citations, how to format headings, and offers reviews on APA usage and style guideline.

Purdue APA Formatting Guide: Includes sections on how to cite authors, books, electronic sources, periodicals and the basics of writing footnotes and endnotes.

MLA Style Guides

MLA Works Cited Documentation: Shows examples of how to format entries on a Works Cited page for a student research paper.

Center for Writing Studies MLA Guide: Citation Styles from the MLA Handbook. Features examples of how to cite authors, books, periodicals, publication information, Internet sources, and in-text citation.


Ithaca College Turabian Samples for Bibliography: Shows examples of how to use citation for the footnotes/bibliography system.

Citing Electronic Information in History Papers: Includes examples of Individual Works; Parts of Works; Periodicals and Journals; Newspapers and Magazines; E-mail; and Government Documents.

Other Style Guides:

Guides to AMA and ICMJE Styles: Examples of citation from The American Medical Association Manual of Style and the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.

How to Cite Electronic Sources: A guide to citing whole websites, cartoons, films, photographs, sounds and presentations.

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