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A Teacher’s Best Friend is a Computer

A Teacher’s Best Friend is a Computer

The internet provides an enormous resource for teachers, including subject-specific lesson plan ideas and online communities where teachers can exchange anecdotes and successes.

Web Lessons

Many teachers place their own lesson plans online for newer teachers who are looking for good ideas.

Class Webs

Contests, big projects, and other activities can go up on the class web to make the learning experience more fun. These sites also allow parents to keep up with their children’s accomplishments. One example is St. Mary’s Page.

Web Quests

Web quests can also be a valuable learning tool for teachers. Students learn more when they are engaged and having fun. Web quests are one of the best ways to ensure this. Many are available on the web for teachers such as webquest search which allows teachers to search for web quests.

Virtual Field Trips

Teachers can bring the rest of the world into the classroom by using virtual tours.

Student Webs

Just like teachers, students may often want to have their own webpage. For older students, student webs can be helpful because they have an outlet to display their work. Often, a school will have web space available for their students to put web pages up.

Educator Resources

Every teacher will eventually find themselves in a situation where they need to find some help. With the Internet, it’s really easy.


Just like students, teachers should always be learning. There are many websites that have tutorials available for teachers. Many of these tutorials helps teachers keep up with current programs and technology. One of these is Teacher Tools which offers tutorials and other valuable information available for teachers.

Power Point

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