Our Quality Standards for Refurbished Devices

Our process for delivering high-quality refurbished laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads.

Every day, we love taking your calls and helping you maximize your IT budget for your students or employees. And providing high-quality, refurbished laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, and other devices is one of the best ways we help you get great equipment for an affordable price. We know the refurbished technology market can be confusing, so here’s all you need to know about our standards and quality process.

Our Quality Control Process

First things first: We only sell devices that score 100% on our quality control tests, which are conducted by hand by our team in Chicago. This means all your devices are 100% functional and have the latest operating system.

Laptop & Chromebook Quality Checklist

  LCD Screen – Backlight works, no chips, no cracks, no lines
✔  Trackpad – Left and right buttons working, trackpad working
✔  Keyboard – All keys fully functional
✔  Camera – Centered, not blurry
✔  Microphone – Clear recording, not muffled
✔  Speakers – Clear sound, not muffled
✔  WiFi – WiFi networks show up and connect
✔  Battery – Installed, charging, unit stays on when unplugged
✔  Windows Laptops – Windows is newly installed & activated
✔  Chromebooks – Chrome OS is reset

used laptop and chromebook quality control checklist

iPad Quality Checklist

  Screen condition and functionality
  Battery life
  Home button
  Charging adapter and charging port
  Factory reset iOS

refurbished ipad quality control checklist
refurbished laptops warranty

We stand by the quality of our devices.

All refurbished devices come with a standard 3 month warranty, with extended warranties also available.

Full transparency on cosmetic imperfections.

When it comes to cosmetic imperfections like scratches or scuffs, we are 100% transparent about the condition to expect on your devices.

We also have ways for you to evaluate the cosmetic condition of devices before purchasing through high-resolution photos, videos, in-person evaluation, or a shipment of sample devices.

refurbished quality condition


refurbished devices sold in the last year. Each one hand-checked for quality.


meeting tomorrow refurbished laptops

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