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A better, paperless event experience for 600 attendees


A national provider of insurance for consumers and businesses provides continuing education for insurance agents through travelling tours of events across multiple cities. In the past they printed large binders and handed them out at each location but for their most recent event they created an app to cut down on costs and make their event more engaging.

Their results

  • 600 attendees at each event were able to use polling and Q&A features during presentations.
  • Successful events were duplicated across their key markets.
  • The same exact pricing for each event regardless of location.

What they needed

They needed a partner that could provide technology and audiovisual solutions at multiple events across the country. They needed suggestions on interactive solutions to get their app in the hands of their attendees. They also needed help reducing liability on their end by checking out iPads and holding attendees accountable for their return.

What we delivered

600 iPads were imaged, charged, cleaned and ready to go for their events. They received full customization of the iPad: a branded background image, applications and iTunes registration for each iPad. We provided on-site technicians who distributed and collected iPads using a credit card swiper that linked attendees to iPads. We also provided travelling road cases and charging stations to keep their iPads charged on the road.