An alternative to hotel audio visual


A global meetings & events communications company handles all aspects of meeting planning for their end-clients including concept, design, planning, execution and accounting. Their main focus is maximizing the return on investment for their clients annual events budget. When we first partnered with them they needed an audiovisual provider they could rely on that added more value than hotel providers they were working with.

Their results

  • They saved on travel expenses by using our local lead technicians in each market.
  • By going with an outside audiovisual provider they avoided getting overcharged by up to 30% by hotel providers.

What they needed

They wanted to reduce time spent telling the same thing to different hotel providers by working with the same audiovisual provider at all of their events. They needed standard conference equipment for presentations including lighting and staging. They also needed computer stations set up with computer equipment including networking and support.

What we delivered

All seven of their conferences received the same consistent support and flat rate pricing. They had access to projectors, large screens, audio equipment, plasmas and digital signage nationwide. Their computer stations were powered by sixty high-end matching desktop computers.

We also provided them with access to qualified technicians in every market they had conferences in. These technicians were managed by a traveling technical director that they formed a great working relationship with. He traveled to each event and made sure all the little details were addressed to keep the events consistently great.