Meeting Tomorrow Returns Process

A prepaid return shipping label is included with each rental package. Place the return labels over the old shipping labels and use the zip ties provided to securely close each package. Please return the rental to FedEx on the last day of the rental period by taking the packages to a FedEx ship center or scheduling a FedEx pickup. If the return shipping label(s) are not activated on the date due back then the rental will automatically be extended for the same period of time as the initial rental or as outlined in your agreed upon Terms and Conditions.

There are 3 ways to return your rentals:

1. FedEx Drop-off

You may drop-off the packages at any FedEx Office or authorized ship center by locating one at or calling 1-800-GO-FEDEX (800-463-3339).

2. Use an Existing FedEx Pick-up

If “FedEx pick-up service” was ordered for your rental, leave the packages with the return labels affixed at the delivery location where a FedEx driver can retrieve them. Meeting Tomorrow schedules FedEx to come for the packages the day after your event ends. While some businesses have daily FedEx pickups, often these are Express and will not take Ground packages. Please check with your location to ensure a Ground service is available.

3. Schedule a FedEx Pick-up

If “FedEx pick-up service” was not ordered for your rental and a pickup is desired, schedule a free FedEx Ground pickup at or by calling 1-800-GO-FEDEX (800-463-3339). When prompted indicate you need to “schedule a PRP pick-up” and be prepared to provide the tracking number of the return label.

Please note the following considerations for FedEx pickups:

  • FedEx Ground does not offer same day pickups, you’ll need to schedule a pickup
    at least one day in advance.
  • FedEx Ground pickups occur Monday-Friday 8am-8pm.
  • When scheduling a pickup, make sure to record the PRP number for your records.

Don’t hesitate to call us!

If you have any issues with your return please call Event Support at (773) 754-3878.