In the spring of 2021, as in-person gatherings were finally becoming a safe reality, dozens of event industry companies were hosting all-virtual webinars focusing on the future of hybrid events.

But the team behind leading event management platform Socio wanted to do something different. They wanted to share knowledge about hybrid events, at their actual hybrid event, “When Virtual Meets In-Person: Run a Successful Hybrid Event.”

They already had their own platform, which is one of the best in the industry for providing a fully engaging hybrid event experience. To complete their hybrid event recipe, they needed a production team with the equipment, crew, and hybrid event experience to bring their vision to life.

Luckily, our teams were a perfect fit. As their production partner, we collaborated with the Socio team on how to merge the onsite experience in Indianapolis with the at-home experience for people tuning in from all over the world, including the United Kingdom, Germany, and India.

Together we imagined every logistic big and small, provided the onsite AV crew and equipment, as well virtual production through the Socio Platform. For example, we supported the team in thinking through transitions between segments, when to seamlessly incorporate voiceover, and other elements that made the production smooth.

The event’s content went beyond the theoretical and into the concrete details that really help planners understand how hybrid events work behind the scenes. How many cameras do you need? What are some creative best practices? How does a hybrid panel work? Rather than just describing these answers, the event illustrated it all in real-time.

“Our goal was to create a true hybrid event experience –– one that helped both attendee groups experience firsthand the behind-the-scenes tactics that go into executing a successful hybrid event,” said Andrew Pearson, CMO, Socio

hybrid event audience perspective

The onsite audience perspective, including the remote presenters on the monitors on the sides of the stage. In-room attendees could join in the chat, polls, and Q&A on their phones.

screenshot of a hybrid event

The at-home audience perspective. The in-person presenters were seamlessly connected to the remote presenters on-screen.

In addition to hybrid panels, attendees visited face-to-face sponsor booths, chatted in video roundtables, engaged in live Q&A, and played an exceptionally engaging game that included a real cash prize — all easily configured and managed in Socio’s platform for virtual, live, and hybrid events.

Typically, our work stays behind-the-scenes — our usual philosophy is that you don’t notice good AV! So what was especially exciting about this opportunity was that the Socio team asked us to be in front of the camera, too. Our own Melissa Jones Clark, Director of National Accounts & Brand Experience, presented on building a hybrid event budget, and also took the audience on the behind-the-scenes tour of all the equipment and crew required to bring the event to life.


“The entire Meeting Tomorrow team was nothing but professional and gracious, and since I felt out of my depth, I really leaned on their expertise leading up to our hybrid event,” said Kara Gladish, Senior Customer Success Manager at Socio. “Not only were they a source of comfort and confidence, they came to us with suggestions to make it even better, like ideas for a very professional introduction voiceover and smooth transitions between speakers.” 

The event was a hit, but what made us happiest was hearing the team hit their stretch goal of registrants, and received rave reviews, including some that said this was the best hybrid webinar they had ever been to. We were so grateful to be able to help them share knowledge about hybrid events with the events community, and are excited for more Socio hybrid events to come. 

You can still be a part of Socio’s first ever hybrid event! To watch the full recording and access additional content, click here.