In an ever-evolving event planning industry, we understand that future-forward thinking doesn’t just keep Meeting Tomorrow’s approach to events two steps ahead, but more importantly, it allows us to keep our clients successful, regardless of which wave or event planning trend rolls in.

With that said, we credit our talent for planning for the future to our ability to stop, look and learn from the past. In 2019, we’d like to continue that tradition by drawing our inspiration from the best of last year.

virtual reality for conferences and events

Virtual reality check:

Take advantage of new technologies. Virtual Reality (VR) can boost any event’s fun factor. It’s easy to check the experiential, branding and social media boxes off with VR.

event lighting highlights and tips

Lighting is lightening in a bottle:

More than just memorable, lighting is essential for experiential plays designed to increase engagement, highlight signage, showcase screens, and of course, showcase speakers.

interactive tech tools for events

Interactive tech tools:

Interactive tech and the personal connection created when partnered with quality content is priceless. Touch tables and Giant iTab kiosks also allow guests to explore at their own pace.

3d stage design elements

3D stage elements:

Adding physical elements and structures to your stage setup not only injects depth into presentations, but also streamlines and enhances your communications.

Provoking participation:

Keep it interactive. Color zones highlight breakout areas and invite attendees to collaborate, engage and enjoy the event theme.

projector placement tips

Perfecting our projector placement:

Playing the room is always fair play. Placing the projectors up on truss lends a professional vibe and blends into the overall look, while maximizing space.

Cheers to planning your best events yet in 2019!

About the author: Jesse Johnson is a Marketing Specialist at Meeting Tomorrow. He loves making music, fishing, and planning concerts and events.

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